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SSH access with libnss-extrausers



Hello, I'm trying to provide an SSH shell access to customers on an Debian Bullseye.

So far the usernames are shown properly in the system but the loggin in with SSH is rejected. The path in "/var/lib/extrausers/passwd" is always set to "/bin/false" even if I set the "List of available shells" in Froxlor on "/bin/bash", while the cronjob does create the files.

Any Idea, why the path is not what I would expect to be set in the passwd file?

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You have to explicitly enable shell usage in the settings as well as specify allowed binaries (e.g. /bin/bash or /bin/sh).

The customer can then edit the corresponding FTP user and select an available shell for it to be used for the user.

The Cronjob will then regenerate the extra users files accordingly.

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