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  1. This doesnt sound like a config-only-problem. Regarding google, microsoft and bigger, you are most likely on a blacklist (for now). Also to verify non-working DKIM or anything one would need to know at least one domain from you. I can take a look at this mess if you want to Here's my pubkey (https://froxlor.support/files/froxlorhelp.pub, need root access) or PM me details
  2. Then I would just add a bash / PHP script that executes what I want...doesn't prevent anything Yes, basically it would have to be enabled on a per customer base and maybe even limited like other resources (amount of subdomains, amount of FTP accounts, etc). In case you want to do such a feature, a pull request is a good way to start. Maybe for 0.10.1 or similar.
  3. Aus der Config: Zweiteres machen wir, siehe dovecot-sql.conf.ext: user_query = "[...] CONCAT('*:storage=', quota,'M') AS quota_rule FROM mail_users WHERE (username = '%u' OR email = '%u')" Also würde ich intuitiv mal auf folgendes tippen: quota = maildir:User quota
  4. Well - implementing this is not the big deal...but it's just a huge security risk letting customers do that themselves, you never not what kind of script is being added and what it does and whether it's possible malware due to some security leaks or whatever...
  5. what more features in the API??? We're at release-candidate level....What exactly do you mean by "cronjobs"? You mean managing the froxlor-cronjobs via API? or do you want customers to be able to manage their own cronjobs?
  6. this is intended as libnss-extrausers is optional (but required for fpm / fcgid) - that's why the docs say, first adjust settings, then run configuration
  7. You can repeat the --apply of the config-script as often as you like I wouldn't recommend doing that when already in production but for the setup - no problem
  8. That is the problem. hard to tell where this comes from. My latest installations/configurations on debian buster went through just fine
  9. There were over 100 commits since rc2 ....especially regarding mysql8 - you should give it a try using current git. But beware, if you checkout git repo you need to run composer install manually, see https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/wiki/Install-froxlor-from-git-sources#3-download-dependencies
  10. Updated the wiki No, normally the installer does this for you. What version are you testing with, latest git-master?
  11. Kannst du denn sagen wo das auftaucht? In einem bestimmten cronjobs von froxlor vllt? Oder wenn du im Panel agierst?
  12. Hmmm, okay, need to invest and see how we can a avoid that.
  13. added, commited, pushed, now part of current git-master.
  14. @peterpan you can now test with latest git-master
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