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  1. d00p

    Keep getting on logged out

    got debian + nginx + php7.0 and mariadb just fine here I'll take a look at your server in a few minutes, hopefully we find something that help
  2. d00p

    Keep getting on logged out

    PM me the login data, so we can see whether only you have the problem, or if I run into this too on your system (so it might be server-side)
  3. d00p

    Keep getting on logged out

    If only I could reproduce this... If this was a froxlor-side problem, I think many many more users would be here to complain...Never experienced these kind of being-logged-out-issues. Neither on linux/chrome nor windows/chrome
  4. d00p

    Does FROXLOR have OR Support

    Theoretically possible sure. But you would give every customer its own port which makes it endless...
  5. d00p

    Does FROXLOR have OR Support

    We do not do that via TCP because we have a socket for every customer/domain which is owned by the corresponding user...
  6. d00p

    Migration from syscp

    Currently due to work, no, sorry Well did you overwrite syscp files or did you run a new install? The key is to have the lib/userdata.inc.php file as it tells froxlor that there is a database and with what credentials to connect there. Then when opening froxlor in a browser it should tell you that you can update
  7. d00p

    Migration from syscp

    There was ...many years...but as syscp is dead for ages now we decided to drop that long ago...you would need to upgrade from syscp to an older version of froxlor (https://files.froxlor.org/releases). Can't remember when exactly we dropped that...but 0.9.1x should still include it. After that you can upgrade the old froxlor using the latest tarball easily
  8. d00p

    Does FROXLOR have OR Support

    it simply regenerates configs and restarts webserver/php-fpm/bind (if used) - nothing else see above i bet on customer website / weird scripts / plugin-stuffed wordpress/cms or similar
  9. d00p

    Does FROXLOR have OR Support

    there is no such setting yet, see https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/pull/576 that's because this is not for customer/webserver logs but for FROXLOR itself
  10. d00p

    froxlor latest - mysql 8 support

    that's not the "CREATE USER" part, it's the SET PASSWORD: $stmt = Database::prepare("SET PASSWORD FOR :username@:host = PASSWORD(:password)"); So it seems mysql uses another recommended way for setting passwords since 5.7.6 $stmt = Database::prepare("ALTER USER :username@:host IDENTIFIED BY :password"); Could you try that quickly?
  11. d00p

    froxlor latest - mysql 8 support

    oh stupid me, didnt see the obvious...thanks mate
  12. d00p

    SFTP aktivieren, wie?

    Shell global aktiviern, kunden shell erlauben, ftp user bearbeiten/anlegen und shell dazu auswählen
  13. d00p

    froxlor latest - mysql 8 support

    no, this is the way, see https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/create-user.html Can you debug what username the query uses? Any special characters in it?
  14. d00p

    froxlor latest - mysql 8 support

    Is the file 1:1 the same as currently in git?