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[solved] seperate awstats for each Domain within package/customer




when a customer has many domains he will see awstats for all domains.

we would like to seperate stats for each domains. The question is: is this maybe possible by preferences already.

or do we have to change confs manually and is it on the vhost side or within awstats itself.


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Well we didnt do anything special but what i see







is the same stats and urls of alle 3 domains mixed up.


to be clear there 3 domains are 3 totally distinct pages.

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Ah, now I know what you mean. What you want is the domain-option:

Separate logfile:
Enable this to get a separate access-log file for this domain


To enable this, just edit the desired domains as admin and hit the checkbox for that option (it says: yes, for enabling this option).

This will result in a separate access.log for this domain, therefore you will have domain-separated statistics.

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    • By Shockdoc1
      Hi zusammen,

      Ist es möglich aus den logrotate Dateien rückwirkend die Statistiken zu erstellen?
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      Folgende Situation:
      Ich betreibe einen vServer mit Froxlor als Hostingpanel
      Der docroot von meinedomain.tld liegt unter /var/customers/webs/meinAccount
      Eine SSL Weiterleitung wurde auf meinedomain.tld eingerichtet
      Kunden verwenden ein paar vorinstallierte tools (Webmailer, DB Frontend, Froxlor Panel) über toolname.meinedomain.tld
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      Hallo Zusammen,
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    • By nurtext
      Because otherwise he's not able to change the open_basedir-settings for the default subdomain.
      As an admin you can only turn it on/off, but not choose between document root and customers home dir.
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