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  1. Hello I intend to use SSH for my users Trying to configure libnss-mysql After changing the nsswitch.conf file to what was said All users of the system have been cleared and php services stopped After having returned the configuration of the Services to the previous state, they will encounter the problem and record the following: Permission denied: FastCGI: failed to connect to server "/var/www/php-fpm/user/phpmyadmin.domain.com/ssl-fpm.external": connect() failed Thanks
  2. Thankful Will this functionality be available in future versions of froxlor?
  3. hi Can a file manager be introduced to connect to froxlor? tnx.
  4. "libnss-mysql" and "libnss-extrausers" has been installed. when run command cron and create folder, php5.6-fpm does not work. error:
  5. Hi! I',m configure the system. I got into trouble when making the user and as the image above indicates that folder access is difficult and could not create the user in the system. please help me! tank you
  6. Yes, the mail server works on the server. I'm surprised that after receiving this message, I am able to login to the Roundcube system. i'm send mail in the Roundcube !!!!
  7. Hi! When I make my email when I want to create an account I will deal with this: If created after reviewing the account. It has been "smtp" properly configured and Roundcube the system is in use. help me !!! Tankful!
  8. Thankful But I do not want to completely suspend the client Sometimes a customer may have several services from us. And I'm going to suspend just one of the customer service. And how can I define a domain as a default page when suspended?
  9. hi ! I'm writing an Api for Froxlor. I wanted to guide you how to keep a client or service or domain suspended? Thankful
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