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  1. To clarify, my hosting company is offering this application to run domains when they are in DEV. So, I figured I would try to set up emails and a landing page. Part of the issue I had, was learning the new console and how to navigate it when trying to create an email. My hosting company is not responsible for providing support for this application, so I figured I would try to get help via the forum. In the demo version: I tried testing the feature to create an email so I could reproduce it on my hosting companies platform. Here are some screenshots from the demo where I had some issues. how can I navigate the creation of an email account from theses screens. Thanks,
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I'll keep that in mind. Is FTP the only method to upload files to the file system? Thanks,
  3. Thanks for replying. Yes, I am an end user. I like the concept of being able to run several sites via the console. However, I am still used to following documentation as opposed to experimenting as I don't want miss-configure any domains. I'll verify your suggestions and reply. Thanks,
  4. Hello, What would be the steps involved to build email accounts once a domain has been activated/directed/linked to Froxlor customer portal: i.e. what configurations must be done in Froxlor for an email to be created? link the TLD to the IP and to the hostname? Link the nameserver to the TLD? create emails? create MX records? Copy MX records to your DNS? Test emails deliverability? How would you accomplish this? Thanks,
  5. Hello, Guten ta, Bonjour, etc I am new to the application/console and I am trying to figure out my way forward to host email accounts for different domains and make a landing page. I'll have several questions in the future, but let me get started with some basics: How many different passwords must I keep track of and can they be set as 2FA? because, as I can see I may need only 2 logins to site. Froxlor application login Froxlor FTP login and are they 2FA? thanks,
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