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Datenbank nach Update

Tom Spielvogel


Hello community, i have updated my froxlor version from 0.8 or 0.9 i don't exactly remember to 0.10.12 to use the ACMEv2 challenges for Let's Encrypt.

I have sql-dumped the old database.

Any pointers on how I can restore the data into my new database? I don't want to manually type in all the customers with all their settings again 😮

Please help!

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If you have updated an existing installation, the database is also updated and no data is lost. If you have installed the current 0.10 with a new database, you can easily tell froxlor to use the old database in its lib/userdata.inc.php file

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Thanks for your reply. I have created a new db from the dump, named froxlor. When I log on, I now see, that froxlor wants to migrate the date into the new format:

Die Froxlor-Dateien wurden aktualisiert. Neue Version ist 0.10.12. Die bisher installierte Version ist

However: there is an error I don't know how to fix: (step: "Converting all MyISAM tables to InnoDB")

A database error occurred

SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table './froxlor/api_keys' already exists

Thanks for your help


UPDATE: I have tried to manually update the tables to InnoDB and it works for most of them, except api_keys. I have also tried to change the update script to create api_keys with the InnoDB engine right away, but this also throws an error, so it may have something to do with the table layout? I don't see anything special about the table, but maybe you can provide some ideas.

Thanks again!


Here is the log from froxlor webinterface:


Adding field for fpm-daemon configs[OK]
Adding new fpm-daemons table[OK]
Converting php-fpm settings to new layout[OK]
Deleting unneeded settings[OK]
Adding field allowed_phpconfigs for customers[OK]
Adding new setting for Let's Encrypt ACME version[OK]
Adding field pass_authorizationheader for php-configs[OK]
Adding new setting for SSL protocols[OK]
Adding field for security.limit_extensions fpm-setting[OK]
Adding dynamic php-fpm php.ini settings[OK]
Adding php-fpm php PATH setting for envrironment[OK]
Updating from to 0.9.39 final
Updating from 0.9.39 to
Updating from to
Adding new plans table[OK]
Adding domain field for try_files flag[OK]
Updating from to
Updating from to
Updating from to
Adding fullchain field to ssl certificates[OK]
Adding webserver logfile settings[OK]
Adding webserver logfile-script settings[OK]
Checking for required PHP json-extension[OK]
Checking for current cronjobs that need converting[OK]
Adding leaccount field to panel customers[OK]
Adding system setting for let's-encrypt account[OK]
Adding new fields for php configs[OK]
Synchronize fpm-daemon process manager settings with php-configs[OK]
Updating from to 0.9.40
Updating from 0.9.40 to
Updating from to 0.10.0-rc1
Adding new api keys table[OK]
Adding new api settings[OK]
Adding new default-ssl-ip setting[OK]
Altering admin ip's field to allow multiple ip addresses[OK]
Adding dhparams-file setting[OK]
Adding new settings for 2FA[OK]
Adding new fields to admin-table for 2FA[OK]
Adding new fields to customer-table for 2FA[OK]
Adding new logview-flag to customers[OK]
Adding new is_configured-flag[OK]
Adding fields writeaccesslog and writeerrorlog for domains[OK]
Updating cronjob table[OK]
Removing ticketsystem[OK]
Updating nameserver settings[OK]
Adding new webserver error-log-level setting[OK]
Adding new ECC / ECDSA setting for Let's Encrypt[OK]
Removing current Let's Encrypt certificates due to new implementation of acme.sh[OK]
Inserting job to regenerate configfiles[OK]
Adding new froxlor vhost domain alias setting[OK]
Converting all MyISAM tables to InnoDB

Edited by Tom Spielvogel
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That's a weird place for this exact error to occur because the table is added way earlier in the update process (Adding new api keys table) which was successful for you. The converting just runs an ALTER TABLE and does not create any new tables. With all the manual fixes you have tried now it is hard to now what happened and what not. If you like, I can take a look at the server and fix the update for you

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