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  1. ok. resolved. master.cf is really not the place to put the configuration. It has to go in main.cf also, i added all domains that are configured as email-domains in froxlor to the TrustedHosts file, which I assume should be the case Now it works. Thanks for the hints and your help - as always! Stay stafe
  2. Ok, so I have tried using opendkim executing everything from this example https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/issues/619 I have added the DKIM config in the /etc/postfix/master.cf However upon sending a mail I get an error from postfix saying it cannot execute /usr/sbin/postconf! --> is there a more detailed error description somewhere than in /var/log/mail.err? I use the key-files generated by froxlor (not manually re-generating them with opendkim) - would this be an issue? BTW: I have updated froxlor to the latest version in the meantime 🙂 - no issues this time (except maybe having to update PHP to a version my distribution didn't support ootb)
  3. and yes, I am using an older version, but since it was a nightmare to update last time (maybe you remember you had to fix stuff on my live server - btw. your user is still there) I was hesitant. 😔
  4. I am genuinely impressed on how fast you always respond. I understand I have to use dkim-filter as this is the only supported. I was under the impression it would be automatically enabled. I will check.
  5. OK: I have enabled DKIM support for my Mailserver and froxlor is generating keys for each domain where I enabled it under the mail-settings OK: using the entry in the DNS record I can manually check (e.g. with https://www.dmarcanalyzer.com/) with the given identifier and the DKIM entry is read as valid NOK: https://www.dmarcanalyzer.com/ f.e. reports, that: Using an underscore in the DKIM selector is not supported. Some providers might suggest this, however it can lead to problems when receivers don't support this. NOK: I do not see the DKIM key record inside the email message and check tools (e.g. https://www.mail-tester.com/) say: DKIM is not provided. I am not using the froxlor DNS, enabled it only to verify my DNS records I put into netcup -> maybe there's the problem? Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thank you all
  6. was disabled for the customer *sorry for that* - I'll send back my degree *rollingeyes*
  7. Hello community. Maybe you can help me: I have created a Domain / vHost in froxlor with PHP enabled. However, the vHost configuration get's updated with # PHP is disabled for this vHost php_flag engine off When I manually remove this from the vHost config (and restart apache) PHP works and I can confirm with the API (I assume it goes directly to the database) that PHP is set to enabled. {'id': '4', 'domain': ... 'domain_ace': ... 'adminid': '1', 'customerid': '3', 'aliasdomain': None, 'documentroot': '/var/www/froxlor/', 'isbinddomain': '0', 'isemaildomain': '0', 'email_only': '0', 'iswildcarddomain': '0', 'subcanemaildomain': '0', 'caneditdomain': '0', 'zonefile': '', 'dkim': '0', 'dkim_id': '0', 'dkim_privkey': '', 'dkim_pubkey': '', 'wwwserveralias': '0', 'parentdomainid': '0', 'phpenabled': '1', 'openbasedir': '1', 'openbasedir_path': '0', 'speciallogfile': '0', 'ssl_redirect': '1', 'specialsettings': '', 'ssl_specialsettings': '', 'include_specialsettings': '1', 'deactivated': '0', 'bindserial': '2000010100', 'add_date': '1636454556', 'registration_date': None, 'termination_date': None, 'phpsettingid': '1', 'mod_fcgid_starter': '-1', 'mod_fcgid_maxrequests': '-1', 'ismainbutsubto': '2', 'letsencrypt': '1', 'hsts': '0', 'hsts_sub': '0', 'hsts_preload': '0', 'ocsp_stapling': '0', 'http2': '0', 'notryfiles': '0', 'writeaccesslog': '1', 'writeerrorlog': '1', 'override_tls': '0', 'ssl_protocols': '', 'ssl_cipher_list': '', 'tlsv13_cipher_list': '', 'ssl_enabled': '1', 'ssl_honorcipherorder': '0', 'ssl_sessiontickets': '1', 'description': '', 'ipsandports': [{'id': '1', 'ip': ..., 'port': '80', 'listen_statement': '0', 'namevirtualhost_statement': '1', 'vhostcontainer': '1', 'vhostcontainer_servername_statement': '1', 'specialsettings': None, 'ssl': '0', 'ssl_cert_file': '', 'ssl_key_file': '', 'ssl_ca_file': '', 'default_vhostconf_domain': None, 'ssl_cert_chainfile': '', 'docroot': '', 'ssl_specialsettings': None, 'include_specialsettings': '0', 'ssl_default_vhostconf_domain': None, 'include_default_vhostconf_domain': '0'}, {'id': '2', 'ip': ..., 'port': '443', 'listen_statement': '0', 'namevirtualhost_statement': '0', 'vhostcontainer': '0', 'vhostcontainer_servername_statement': '0', 'specialsettings': '', 'ssl': '1', 'ssl_cert_file': '', 'ssl_key_file': '', 'ssl_ca_file': '', 'default_vhostconf_domain': '', 'ssl_cert_chainfile': '', 'docroot': '', 'ssl_specialsettings': '', 'include_specialsettings': '0', 'ssl_default_vhostconf_domain': '', 'include_default_vhostconf_domain': '0'}]} The domain is a subdomain. For the parent domain also I have PHP enabled and set it to inherit it's settings to the subdomains - also no success Webserver: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) PHP-Version: 7.4.25 MySQL-Server-Version: 5.5.5-10.1.48-MariaDB-0+deb9u2 Webserver-Interface: APACHE2HANDLER Froxlor: Installierte Version: 0.10.30-1 (DB: 202109040) I'd appreciate any pointers. Thanks, Tom
  8. It is weird, indeed. If you'd like I would really appreciate it. --> how would we go about that?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I have created a new db from the dump, named froxlor. When I log on, I now see, that froxlor wants to migrate the date into the new format: Die Froxlor-Dateien wurden aktualisiert. Neue Version ist 0.10.12. Die bisher installierte Version ist However: there is an error I don't know how to fix: (step: "Converting all MyISAM tables to InnoDB") A database error occurred SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table './froxlor/api_keys' already exists Thanks for your help UPDATE: I have tried to manually update the tables to InnoDB and it works for most of them, except api_keys. I have also tried to change the update script to create api_keys with the InnoDB engine right away, but this also throws an error, so it may have something to do with the table layout? I don't see anything special about the table, but maybe you can provide some ideas. Thanks again! Here is the log from froxlor webinterface: Adding field for fpm-daemon configs[OK] Adding new fpm-daemons table[OK] Converting php-fpm settings to new layout[OK] Deleting unneeded settings[OK] Adding field allowed_phpconfigs for customers[OK] Adding new setting for Let's Encrypt ACME version[OK] Adding field pass_authorizationheader for php-configs[OK] Adding new setting for SSL protocols[OK] Adding field for security.limit_extensions fpm-setting[OK] Adding dynamic php-fpm php.ini settings[OK] Adding php-fpm php PATH setting for envrironment[OK] Updating from to 0.9.39 final Updating from 0.9.39 to Updating from to Adding new plans table[OK] Adding domain field for try_files flag[OK] Updating from to Updating from to Updating from to Adding fullchain field to ssl certificates[OK] Adding webserver logfile settings[OK] Adding webserver logfile-script settings[OK] Checking for required PHP json-extension[OK] Checking for current cronjobs that need converting[OK] Adding leaccount field to panel customers[OK] Adding system setting for let's-encrypt account[OK] Adding new fields for php configs[OK] Synchronize fpm-daemon process manager settings with php-configs[OK] Updating from to 0.9.40 Updating from 0.9.40 to Updating from to 0.10.0-rc1 Adding new api keys table[OK] Adding new api settings[OK] Adding new default-ssl-ip setting[OK] Altering admin ip's field to allow multiple ip addresses[OK] Adding dhparams-file setting[OK] Adding new settings for 2FA[OK] Adding new fields to admin-table for 2FA[OK] Adding new fields to customer-table for 2FA[OK] Adding new logview-flag to customers[OK] Adding new is_configured-flag[OK] Adding fields writeaccesslog and writeerrorlog for domains[OK] Updating cronjob table[OK] Removing ticketsystem[OK] Updating nameserver settings[OK] Adding new webserver error-log-level setting[OK] Adding new ECC / ECDSA setting for Let's Encrypt[OK] Removing current Let's Encrypt certificates due to new implementation of acme.sh[OK] Inserting job to regenerate configfiles[OK] Adding new froxlor vhost domain alias setting[OK] Converting all MyISAM tables to InnoDB
  10. Hello community, i have updated my froxlor version from 0.8 or 0.9 i don't exactly remember to 0.10.12 to use the ACMEv2 challenges for Let's Encrypt. I have sql-dumped the old database. Any pointers on how I can restore the data into my new database? I don't want to manually type in all the customers with all their settings again 😮 Please help!
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