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best File manager for froxlor

محمدرضا چاوشی پور


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19 hours ago, محمدرضا چاوشی پور said:



Will this functionality be available in future versions of froxlor?

D00p Means Web-File-Managers are dangerous hence won't be introduced Now or In-Future versions of FROXLOR.
But you can always use FTP either installed on Desktops (e.g File Zilla) or Browser based (e.g Mostra FTP, Net2FTP, etc) .

If it's just you, better to use Desktop based FTP clients.
NB: I would suggest if you are going for Browser-based FTP solutions, make sure it's one you can download and host yourself.

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12 minutes ago, Byron Iniotakis said:

Crossing the street is dangerous but people still crossing the street.

If they are so dangerous, why cpanel and plesk have them?

You are free to install and use any web file manager you want. We just don't include one. Our focus is not web-filemanagement. 

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