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  1. Is it possible to create TCP Sockets for every Customer ? I understand it's done for security reasons BUT just asking if it's possible OR what dangers would occur if a Single TCP Socket connection is used.
  2. If the accounts are not so much (Less than 25), why not manually recreate them so as to start on a very clean slate. Don't really know BUT you seem to love Older Unsupported Software versions. PHP5.6 is almost dropped if not dropped already. Why not move up to PHP 7.0 or if you have very old scripts on your websites, then install both 5.6 and 7.0 OR 7.2 . As for SYSCP, never used or saw it, only heard about it. Scripts such at such an Age are meant to be kept ar Museums, not to be used in Today's environment.
  3. Hi Am here once again, Any Idea how to configure FROXLOR to use TCP Socket to connect PHP-FPM rather than Unix Socket ? Once tried using port 9000 BUT that failed to work (I probably wasn't doing something right). By default, FROXLOR uses a UNIX Socket which isn't so good if you need to support lot's of concurrent connections . Am doing this in a bid to see what causes PHP7.2-FPM consume lot's of resources . Thanks
  4. Noticed something Weird. For a while now, have been having issues with one of my server so much I had to upgrade to a Server with 8GB of Ram from my previous 4GB ram yet I have to do restarts every 2-days and sometimes every day else it becomes UnResponsive websites begin to display 502 Bad gateway, and sometimes 504 Gateway timeout,. Other times, websites becomes so slow I have to restart the Server before everything returns to Normal. Before I do Restarts, I always notice Ram Usage is very High (almost 98% and sometimes 100% used). Recently, I realized I don't really ha
  5. Hi Any idea what setting to enable (if it already exists) to stop creation of Logs here /var/customers/logs/ Or at least limit which domain/account gets to have logs created. Also how to conditionally enable and disable Access logs. I have already deactivated the log setting in the Settings Page yet can see no effect. Thanks
  6. What I meant is - How to adapt EXIM to working with FROXLOR. I want to replace POSTFIX with EXIM . Thanks
  7. Also I can see FROXLOR supports EXIM but has no configurations for it. Any Guide or insight on how to switch to EXIM on FROXLOR ?
  8. Okay Never knew I was supposed to contribute back the codes. Would lok into that. By the way, what editor do you use with GIT that makes you able to display comments about what changes you make. All I do is just make modifications and only make comments where need be BUT those would never be display on GIT. Was able to make use of GIT few days ago BUT just for Updating as I still make edits outside GIT.
  9. Anyone currently using a Billing or Invoicing on FROXLOR and how do you currently handle billings . Want to know if there are current implementations to avoid reinventing a wheel . Also Don't think so BUT are there any Billing/Invoicing Modules currently working with FROXLOR ? Thanks
  10. Hi Any Plan introducing / adding a billing module to FROXLOR ? Also a look at the Panel Plans database table shows just how basic it's implemented. Seems to me, have been added as an after thought. Want to assume most features using the information in this table already existed long before the table was added hence reason why it's implemented in such a way. Also a look at customers table panel_customers also shows how contents of panel_plans were added rather than referencing the table row ids. Working on adding/extending features whenever i have little time hence wan
  11. Am sorry BUT the English in your Announcement seems Huge for me. I just want to confirm / ask one thing - Has the API FROXLOR version already been merged into the current Master in Github ? I can see 2 Main Branches - Master and 0.9.x . Does the current Master already contain version 0.10.0 which is the API version ? What's the difference between Master and 0.9.x . and which should we download if downloading from Github. In a simpler way, is version 0.10.0 now the new Master Branch ? Hoping to hear from you. Thanks
  12. Might not really get what was discussed in here BUT for a while now, I wrote a short script that allows Customers use external Smart-Host (e.g GMAIL, MailChimp, etc) instead of Postfix. Did this so as to avoid constant blacklisting of my IPs. Would have loved to integrate it directly into FROXLOR rather than make it an entirely different Page BUT am having issues editing FROXLOR's template. Don't really know how to edit FROXLOR's template files.
  13. okay so what you think might be the issue ? this is a domain that has been running without SSL for long and only decided to add SSL to it today .
  14. Before now, SSL has been working perfectly okay using FROXLOR but since upgrading to FROXLOR v0.10.0 , i noticed that though old domains already with SSL continues working, new domains registered for LetsEncrypt SSL under the new FROXLOR version isn't working with regards to SSL. Below is output of php /var/www/FROXLOR/scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --letsencrypt --debug PHP Warning: Module 'apcu' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 [information] Updating Let's Encrypt certificates [information] Updating example.com [information] Adding SAN entry: example.com
  15. Hi Please kindly respond as Am almost there. Thanks
  16. These are few suspects I think might be causing issues as they are totally different from normal vHosts without FROXLOR 1. fastcgi_pass localhost:9000; while FROXLOR generated vHost uses Sockets i.e fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/1-user-example.com-php-fpm.socket; 2. Normal vHost .php location block is location ~ \.php$ { } While FROXLOR generated .php block is location ~ ^(.+?\.php)(/.*)?$ { } AND location @php { }
  17. Finally, on a Working Server in production with MicroCahe enabled and without any Control Panel like FROXLOR, below is how the PHP Location block looks like location ~ \.php$ { #Cache everything by default set $no_cache 0; # If non GET/HEAD, don't cache & mark user as uncacheable for 1 second via cookie if ($request_method !~ ^(GET|HEAD)$) { set $no_cache "1"; } # Drop no cache cookie
  18. Also should anyone need NGINX micro cache for FROXLOR, am willing to put you through .
  19. Currently, NGINX FastCGI_cache (aka Micro Cache) works with FROXLOR but had to place the codes in Server block rather than within the location ~ \.php$ {} block OR location @php$ {} block . And I want to assume you can't have more than 1 (one) location php$ {} blocks or is that possible. Also Is it even possible to place codes within the location ~ ^(.+?\.php)(/.*)?$ { block Also how is this file 207c8135c938fb25f460eac93b8d7fe3.htm generated ? Maybe I can look into it and do things in it directly. Am almost there as it's working though not just updating
  20. Finally Got to make NGINX Micro Cacheing Work but am having a little issue making me ask this question Normally, while creating vHosts for website without using FROXLOR or anyControl Panel, Nginx php location block is location ~ \.php$ {} BUT vHosts created by FROXLOR use this location block location @php$ {} Wants to know if it's possible to change/swap these it even in the codes. That is because on a Server without any Control Panel, Creating vHosts manually for NGINX , the FastCGI cache for NGINX get's added under the location ~ \.php$ {
  21. I want to know what Frameworks were used in developing FROXLOR. Asking because am enhancing most of the sketchy features i implemented earlier and need to know a few things first. Want to know if a CSS framework was used and what name it is. Also want to know if a PHP framework was used and it's name and any other Frameworks and/or major Library that I might know of so I read up the documentation . Am asking all these because making direct modifications wasn't so easy especially working with the form fields and form submissions. Had to create sep
  22. A drop down selection of Popular and regularly used Ones might be the solution BUT that introduces one more point of Failure if anything goes funny. And we want FROXLOR to remain light and Simple .
  23. Hi Please what you mean by synonymous . Is it a name of a website, software or an English expression. Thanks
  24. Okay. Let me make out time to study GIT so I can fork this things temporary and also be able to update them. Thanks
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