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Question about setting up froxlor on a subdomain


I've installed froxlor about 5 times in the past 36 hours (all on same machine) and still don't quite understand this part.


I want to be able to manage my own root domain from froxlor, this is the domain that froxlor is being used on.


So i have a domain like so


When I setup froxlor on the first setup screen, if i enter this as my FQDN then i can not add it as a domain in Froxlor so have to manage it outside of Froxlor.


I want to manage this domain, which is also the domain Froxlor is installed on from within Froxlor.


So i have experiemented with just making up a random subdomain and entering this on the Froxlor setup screen, like this: -

Server name (FQDN, no ip-address): anything.thisismydomain.com

When I do this I can add a customer when i log into Froxlor and then add my actual domain (thisismydomain.com) which is what I was looking to do.


My questions are:


1) Is this the correct way to setup Froxlor so I can add my own domain in froxlor and have it managed inside froxlor?

2) can i just make up a subdomain, and enter it, and this will work ok? Or do i need to add this to my webserver config files myself somehow also? - i'm using NginX


3) I discovered froxlor because I'm working on a server, that someone else setup and they had installed froxlor, so it's all pretty new to me. I'm building a test server to get to grips with it, hence all my recent questions. In the server that is already setup and functioning, there is only one domain visible when you click on domains and it is the root domain, e.g. thisismydomain.com ; there are no other domains in there... how do I achieve this same effect? Whenever I setup froxlor like I have explained above, i get a thisismydomain.com domain entry (after I have added it through froxlor) - but i also get a anything.thisismydomain.com domain entry - which is added when I create the customer - however there is no delete option next to this domain ; and I don't understand how the person that setup the froxlor I'm working with on another server, how they managed to get just the domain listed in the domains entry inside the control panel.


One thing i have noticed is that on this, they have used a subdomain it would appear as froxlor is accessed by typing - something.thedomain.com ; and if you go to the domain.com/froxlor nothing is there ; but I'm confused about how they've achieved this also because in the nginx config there are no rewrites to forward traffic from something.thedomain.com to thedomain.com/froxlor - also i've checked the config through the froxlor panel on this server and the 'access froxlor through a hostname option' is not ticked.


If you could answer this as detailed as possible, it would be appreciated, as I've been grappling with this question myself for the past few days,


Many thanks - and kudos on a great product, and service for the community.

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1) yes this is the correct way

2) yes, you can use [anythingyoulike].yourdomain.tld it works

3) i think you are talking about the "standard customer subdomain" which is "[loginname].[froxlorhostname], if you do not want these, edit the customer and uncheck "create std subdomain"

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Thanks so much very reassuring to know 1 and 2 are correct ; and 3 is also great, now I know how not to create that customer domain thank you.


Do you happen to have any idea why froxlor is accessible through subdomain.domain.com on the server I'm trying to replicate?


The sub domain has these entries in the nginx config file ; but i don't see how this is resulting in the traffic at the subdomain address being routed to domain/froxlor ?

can you think of anything that might be causing the redirection?

server {
    listen x.xx.xxx.xxx:80;
    server_name subdomain.domain.com;

    root /var/www;
    index index.htm index.html index.php;

    auth_basic "Login";
    auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/subdomain.htpasswd;

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ =404;

    location ~ \.php$ {
        try_files $uri =404;
        fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
        fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;
        fastcgi_index index.php;
        include fastcgi_params;

Could it be something to do with .htpasswd ? or can you think of some other place i could look where the redirection might be configured? subdomain.domain.com prompts for a user name and password, and when entered, the froxlor login screen is then displayed but i can't figure out how this is happening

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There is a setting called "Access Froxlor directly via the hostname" in Settings -> System settings

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Hi yes this is not ticked, i've since discovered something though, in the settings --> hostname ; there is an ip address set ;

and when i type that ip address into a browser it goes to subdomain.domain.com/froxlor ; so i think something to do with how it's happening

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In Settiungs -> Systemsettings -> Hostname there is an IP address? That's wrong, there should be a FQDN (the one from the setup) - funny that it is possible to set an ip address there...should not be allowed

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Sorry showing my confusion here. You are right, the hostname is FQDN.

The IP address is in 'what's the ip address of this server'.


What is surprising to me, is that when i type that IP address into my browser it goes to the subdomain, which is entered in the hostname setting here, but appends /froxlor to it in the browser window. So i type the IP address listed as the IP address of the server ,in my browser and it loads


This is the same IP address of the server that is running nginx and that i can remote into it via putty.


When i installed from a clean linux install ; if i type my server ip into a browser window i land at domain.com ; not the subdomain i entered into froxlor when i set it up ; and certainly not the subdomain.domain.com/froxlor ; i'm confused here, but i realise this is due to not understanding DNS quite properly and nginx configuration more than anything else. I am trying to replicate the setup on my test server.

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When you enter the IP address in your browser, it will most likely go to the first vhost it will find - usually you do not get redirected to any url except if the vhost has some redirect-stuff in it. Just check your vhost configs

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