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php5-fpm and different php versions for customers + ssh setup



Hi all,


I searched in the forum, but the answers weren't to clear to me(since one says Yes, and other No), and SysCP worked with different versions from php(yes, using fcgid).

My question is quite simple: Can I use PHP 5.4 for customer A, and PHP 5.5 for customer B? I have to upload the php.ini, but how? 


And if just keeps compatibility with fcgi, where can I find a Howto with that?




Nginx 1.6

PHP 5.4.14 with FPM(which runs Froxlor)

PHP 5.4.30 with FPM

PHP 5.5.14 with FPM











And if I should do another question in the same topic, is there a way to set ssh login to all users without mysql every time with new user added?  I mean, setting different shells(just /bin/false, or /bin/bash)? Or should I patch it?




Best Regards,



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using FCGID: yes


using PHP-FPM: no


Second question: Shell is no official part of froxlor and will never be as we think it is in no way necessary for a webhosting environment. If you still need it, you can specify a shell-binary in the corresponding user-entry in the table "ftp_users"

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