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Certificate mismatch in PHP mailer


Hello everybody,

in the monthly Froxlor usage report I'm getting the message PHP Warning:  stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate CN=`<my Froxlor domain>' did not match expected CN=`localhost' in /var/www/froxlor/lib/classes/phpmailer/class.SMTP.php on line 369

The mail is being sent to the systems root account, which is mapped in /etc/aliases to an existing Froxlor mail account (webmaster@<my Froxlor domain>). Is this related to the Froxlor admin user, whos mail address is the same? Either way, why is the function expecting the local CN instead of the FQDN one? What is the correct setting in this case, or how can I mitigate the warning? The only cause effect I discovered is, that mails cannot be sent to new mail accounts via the alternate mail address, which results in the same error.

Thanks in advance,


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Enable sending mails via SMTP and specify the correct host in the Froxlor Settings.

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Wow, with this advice I finally found the settings (for reference: Froxlor start -> settings -> system settings). I then changed SMTP host from localhost to my mail domain. However it's hard to debug the right settings, still not able to send out mails. But this should be solved by #464.

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    • By oedwards0088
      I am hoping someone on here has experienced an odd issue with SSL/HTTPS when using the webmail URL, in my case, https://my.froxlorserver.com/webmail. I can't prove it for sure however, I believe it is working for some in a different country to me but I can't connect to the above URL using https, it will connect with http on port 80. I get the below error.
      Forbidden You don't have permission to access /webmail on this server. I have confirmed this on different devices using different internet connections and I have cleared the cache/browsing data.
      Using Digicert's tool (https://www.digicert.com/help/) the https://Froxlor admin page comes back as a success with zero issues. If I try https://froxlor/webmail I get the below error message
      Error: my.froxlor.com/webmail is not a fully qualified public domain name or public IP address. The above error message does not make sense as using port 80 I can get to the /webmail page, so the above might be a red herring.
      Has anyone seen this issue?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Brayan
      in old version of Froxlor - have autorespond and  very nice work for vacation messages.
      But in newest version is removed ? Why ?
      I use Postfix/Courier.
      Advice for alternatives ?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Andreas
      Hallo zusammen,
      ich habe Probleme mit diversen SEO-/Webseiten-Anlayse-Tools, die beim Crawlen der Domain einen SSL Handshake Failure bekommen. Wir haben den Verdacht, dass diese Tools eventuell SNI nicht beherrschen und haben daher testweise eine Domain mit eigener IP auf einem vHost mit entsprechendem SSL-Zertifikat installiert. Die Domains laufen über den Browser fehlerfrei, die Tools machen allerdings Probleme. Ein SSL-Test via https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ hat nun ergeben, dass auf dem vHost neben dem Domainzertifikat auch noch das Serverzertifikat ausgegeben wird.
      Wie kann ich die Domain bzw. den vHost in Froxlor so konfigurieren, so dass auf dem vHost nur das Zertifkat des entsprechenden vHosts ausgegeben wird?
      Danke schonmal für euere Hilfe.
    • By tt33tt
      Hi all,
      Froxlor ist not able to send its own mails by SMTP. I get the message that this failed by example after creating a new froxlor user.
      I can not find any message about this topic in any log. In which log should I find a message?