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  1. Hi, I'm just wondering what the difference is between the following 2 folders: Why is froxlor installing acme.sh cron everytime it runs at 3am everyday especially since the 5-min let's encrypt froxlor cron is already in place? Also, all my db config points to /etc/ssl/froxlor-custom for the domains and all keys/certificates inside that folder have a different md5 from the ones under /root/.acme.sh/, so I'm wondering what's with the mismatch? Are we updating certificates for domains twice? If anyone can shed some more light on this, it will be very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I have it configured properly, I just didn't know if bind was restarted since I couldn't see immediate results. But everything works fine. Also, the css/styling issue seems to be fixed now. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the new update. It's great to add subdomains on other servers without having to add an IP/Port for it and having to disable all the apache-related things. But it looks like it's not taking the records into consideration. I had to add records down below for them to be taken into consideration. I tested with a couple A records and they didn't seem to work. I had to add this for it to work: $ORIGIN vpn.domain.com. @ 18000 IN A Also, it seems that the box is outside of the container making my chrome's horizontal scrollbar stretch way f
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