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Email accounts not showing after re-enabling mailboxs




For one of our domains in froxlor,   we had some mail accounts and later we have moved the MX to remote mx.  We had then disabled mail box in froxlor for the domain.  After few months we have decided to move back mx to froxlor.   We have then enabled "Emaildomain" for the domain in panel.   But old email accounts are not again listing in front end. But panel shows there is existing number of email accounts.   See the screen shots attached.   I can see the email accounts folders and files in back end as well.  But unable to login using round cube.   What is the proposed fix for the same?



Screenshot from 2021-12-17 14-21-51.png

Screenshot from 2021-12-17 14-49-33.png

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Iirc the accounts get removed of Maildomain is disabled for a domain. Check whether you have entries for the domain-addresses in mail_users - in your case the data of the accounts still exists so you could just re-add the mailaddresses and accounts without losing any of the previously stored mails

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