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Adding support for others OSes configurations



I was trying Froxlor 0.9 in OpenBSD, and there are lots of differences in systems folders, files and commands when you are configurating the daemons.
*BSD distros are used a lot in web-servers, it would be good for the project to keep this in mind, I can help with


and with the future Froxlor 2 for assessment in supporting OpenBSD.
In case of the 0.9 version you should have an "example.xml" file to follow, but I can adapt the gentoo version to make a new one.
So... offering my help if welcomed.

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46 minutes ago, FlingeR said:

In case of the 0.9 version you should have an "example.xml" file to follow, but I can adapt the gentoo version to make a new one.

best is to use stretch.xml as base as it is the most recent, but in the end you can use every of them :) If you really are interested in doing this, hook me up on IRC (freenode #froxlor) so we can talk and I can answer any question you might have.

Thanks for the offering, it's very welcomed

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