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  1. I install froxlor on new server with php7. I do not found any errors in work. But my some sites do not work with php7 and I go back to php5. For new projects i think you have reason use php7. Debian 8, but with Ubuntu not big different for me. Sorry for my English, no Google, just my knowledges.
  2. Hello I'm try to setup webftp/ How to use this function, what scripts do you use? I found only extplorer (https://sourceforge.net/projects/extplorer/?source=typ_redirect) but i can't configure it to use from froxlor, only if i setup it for every client.
  3. Hello everyone! I want to install Froxlor on new clear server with Debian. I have domain.com and IP. What I must setup in hostnames and itc. to get no problems with emails and setup domain.com later? What configuration you can recomend to minimize the problems during setup and configuring server? I looking something like this - http://goo.gl/hMG0ky very good manual for instalation.
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