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Problems in making the user in the system

محمدرضا چاوشی پور


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Did you setup "libnss-mysql" or "libnss-extrausers"? If not, then of ourse 'tadabor' is no user, it's not known to the system, only to froxlor.

What is the general problem? Is anything not working? That only the UID is shown is normal for mod_php users without libnss* setup and should still work fine

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28 minutes ago, محمدرضا چاوشی پور said:

"libnss-mysql" and "libnss-extrausers" has been installed.

well, first of all: use EITHER the one OR the other, not both.

second: if extrausers, enable that in the settings (so froxlor knows about it)

third: as admin, goto "configuration", select your OS, select "System" and then select either "libnss-extrausers" or "libnss-mysql" for setup- and configuration commands.

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