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  1. ikaRus


    That's correct. The point is that in my case all the "customers" have no system knowledge , they only know how to upload/download files to/from the server, and they know how to add email and ftp users. For everything else - they shout to the admin, I.E. me... So having a global backup for the admin sounds like a good idea. I'll manage. Regards, Dudi
  2. ikaRus


    Thanks. A nice option would be a backup for an admin that will backup everything he owns, plus additional selected locations. Regards, Dudi
  3. ikaRus


    Hi, I tried the user backup, I ticked everything including mysql option, but the resulting tar.gz does not contain the mysql dump(s): root@h174:~# tar tf /var/customers/webs/dudig/backup/dudig-backup_202010120010.tar.gz ./mail/ ./mail/dudig-mail.tar.gz ./web/ ./web/dudig-web.tar.gz root@h174:~# A note here, there are few databases on the machine like froxlor ofcourse, wordpress etc., none of the databases was created via the froxlor GUI. Where can I define which databases are to be backed up, and/or select additional locations to the backup
  4. I found it... Regards, Dudi
  5. Hi, Is there a way in the Froxlor GUI to add email aliases like info@domain.tld -> admin@domain.tld? TIA & regards, Dudi
  6. Hi, Once all sites were configured with LetsEncrypt the error was gone. Regards, Dudi
  7. Hi, After enabling Letsencrypt and configuring one domain to use it, I have no acme conf file in /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/, the domain shows the "Using Letsencrypt" icon. Besides, I get an error when I force the cron run: [Sat Oct 10 16:04:50 IDT 2020] Using CA: https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory [Sat Oct 10 16:04:50 IDT 2020] Multi domain='DNS:goldenberg.cc,DNS:www.goldenberg.cc' [Sat Oct 10 16:04:50 IDT 2020] Getting domain auth token for each domain [Sat Oct 10 16:04:55 IDT 2020] Getting webroot for domain='goldenberg.cc' [Sat Oct 10
  8. Hi, This only works if I chmod that directory to 755. Regards, Dudi
  9. Hi, I am trying to enable apache2 directory listing by adding "Options +indexes" to: Directory options for customer-prefix The content of this field will be included into the 05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf apache config. If empty, the default value is used: apache >=2.4 Require all granted AllowOverride All But that box is not editable... What are my options? TIA & regards, Dudi
  10. Hi, I did... I was just wondering why it was not done by default. Thanks & regards, Dudi
  11. Hi, Is there a season for not enabling postfix submission port? I see that main.cf has TLS options commented out and master.cf has the submission port section commented out. Regards, Dudi
  12. ikaRus

    FTP users

    Thank you. I like it a lot so far, good work! Regards, Dudi
  13. Hello again, Can I change usernames in ftp_users table? I understand the reasons behind the naming schemes, this machine will have 6 ftp users top, no duplicate usernames... Any other drawbacks? TIA & regards, Dudi
  14. Hi, I had to remove the IP first, after that the script worked like a charm. Thanks & regards Dudi
  15. Hi, I installed and configured froxlor on my internal network, everything is fine. Now I assigned the machine's proper static public IP, created 2 IPs for the public IP in IPs and Ports for port 80 and 443, assigned the new IPs to everything, admin, customer and the single test domain. As far as I can tell - the old internal IP is not assigned, but when I try to remove it from the list I get an error that the IP is still assigned somewhere. Is there a quick way to find out where? TIA & regards, Dudi
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