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*Update* Preview to the new reDesign


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Hello Froxies,


we are proud to announce that we did some work on the template system and created our first original froxlor style.

The new template uses html5 and css3 and is compatible to older browsers which do not support new standards.


We hope you like it =)



The alpha-version of the new design is now available in our Git-repository. If you want to take a look at it, use the branch "redesign".

If you have any questions, just join us on IRC and we'll see what we can do :)




your Froxlor Team






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updated post / redesign now available in GIT
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The new templates looks very good. Is there a chance to see it in the next Froxlor release ?


We try to get it into 0.9.17


BTW: I know all developers have large display (see http://wiki.froxlor.org/contrib/1.0/faq, What coding standard is used?), but you should have in mind that 1024x768 is still widely used ;)


1) for 1.0 -> PEAR standard; for 0.9.x -> something....we don't really know

2) we are aware of the resolution-"problem" and trying to get rid of the large overviews with the new theme

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Looking forward to see it in action :)


About resolution problems: maybe you can hide some additional columns in the default template, or make this configurable for admin/clients (which columns to show in each overview).




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Did I see a "Change theme" in the screenshots ? :)


Yup, we try to be backwards compatible and keep supporting the "old" theme (well, at least for a bit :P)


Also, an ETA for the new theme ?


We try really hard for .17 but it's more likely to make it into .18

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Just thougt finishing stuff could be easier for you if community could help a little by do some tests and maybe even provide some fixes till its in svn and not in the stable release...


We hope you will, but it's not svn-ready yet and we don't want others to report bugs about "errors" with the new design even if it's no done (twice the work for us).

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