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  1. Hello. Any news about Froxlor 0.9.27 final and Debian packages ? Regards, /Sorin
  2. Hello. Any news about 0.9.26 final release ? As seen on roadmap (http://redmine.froxlor.org/projects/froxlor/roadmap), this release is 13 days late. Regards, /Sorin
  3. Hello. I'm testing this RC version and I have a problem about setting Backup path. Default values is /var/customers/backups/, which saves just fine. I'm trying to set this to /var/backups/clients/ (or any other value) and on save I receive an error: The value for the field "backup_dir" is not in the expected format. Any hints why ? Regards, /Sorin
  4. If you set aptitude not to install recommended packages, it's fine. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20norecommends APT { Install-Recommends false; } Also, I agree to froxlor-apache / froxlor-nginx packages. Regards, /Sorin
  5. First, congrats for a new Froxlor release. I'm waiting for official debs release One question: I have seen in redmine that 0.9.24 is scheduled in November. Did Froxlor switched to 2 months release ? If yes, it's plus 2 weeks Beta/RC or without ? Regards, /Sorin
  6. Hello. Didn't see an announcement, neither on forums or redmine, that's why I asked. Regards, /Sorin
  7. Hello. What happened to current release, 0.9.23 ? Regards, /Sorin
  8. Hello. What's happening with 0.9.23 release ? It's 2 days late (http://redmine.froxlor.org/projects/froxlor/roadmap) and there are no commits in http://git.froxlor.org from 16 July 2011. It's the first time I see such delay in Froxlor's development ... Regards, /Sorin
  9. On demo.froxlor.org, go to Server -> Settings. Notice: Undefined index: webserver_user in /var/www/demo/htdocs/actions/admin/settings/130.webserver.php on line 37 And label "Webserver user-name" is missing. Regards, /Sorin
  10. Hello. I was thinking about an idea, that could be used for both Froxlor 0.9 and 1.0: Donations/Payments for tasks. Let's say I want a feature in Froxlor, and I want it sooner than scheduled. Maybe a few users want the same feature, and we all are ready to give some money for this. In Redmine you should have an option to donate/make a payment for one or more tasks. This way, the users are happy and Froxlor team get some money from this. What do you think ? Regards, /Sorin
  11. Hi. Once again, I'm really sorry about d00p leaving the team. Hope he will be back Can you give us an ETA for .deb packages ? It's always a delay between the official announce and the arrival of .debs. It's not possible to automate somehow the process, right after a new release ? Regards, /Sorin
  12. What about bug reporting ? Mantis is offline now
  13. Ok, I'll stick to SVN trunk for now. Regards, /Sorin
  14. Sorry to bother ... I know you're pretty busy with 0.9.18 and 1.0 in the same time Any chance to see Debian Packages for 0.9.17 and updated GPG key for Froxlor's packages ? Regards, /Sorin
  15. Good news about current and future version of Froxlor. Looking forward for the new theme and themes switcher. Maybe will be a SVN preview soon ? Regards, /Sorin
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