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Help needed - I have a complete running dkim/spf integration



Hi to all,

I do have a complete ready & running dkim / spf integration in Froxlor at my github: https://github.com/df8oe/Froxlor

It is working now over 6 months and is doing a great job. But I do not have the time to finish it. There is missing the part how you have to configure opendkim or amavisd (I by myself prefer amavisd). Of course I can provide information what must be changed but I do not have the time to implement these instructions to Froxlor. That's a pity: it is working on 5 servers and all my friends need to get "my version" after a Froxlor update because everything vanishes of course... Is there anyone who can contribute on implementing the "configuration part"?

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