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Apache loopback for Wordpress



Hi guys,


It seems like Wordpress wants to have a loopback configuration for its API.

"The website wasn't able to finish a loopback request"
Error: [] cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds

Is it possible to configure that with the current functionality? Following up with the Wordpress support forum, they are not really helpful. They just make it quick with a recommendation to their webhosting sponsors which is very sad, like: "Use one of the webhosters from our list, they will work well."


Does anybody know how to fix it? I could make it manually with set the customer configuration to "Mail only", but I think that would be a functionality which would affect pretty many users.


Regards and stay healthy,

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If i'm correct then this is not loopback-device related but in case you are using php-fpm with pm=static and children=1 then this is the problem, try at least children=2 so wordpress can request itself internally 

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