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Support Varnish Cache



Hey all,


since this is a PHP mostly setup and management solution,

I currently have Froxlor running with Varnish (3) on front and have great results.


Varnish in a nutshell works like this, if a cookie isn't sent, fetch page from cache, otherwise pass on to apache/nginx.


I'm imagining a setup with nginx on the front

varnish inbetween

and php-fpm in the back



request -> nginx -> varnish -> php-fpm


Good thing about nginx is that you can configure upstream servers and if one doesn't respond let a failover handle the request

upstream mydomaindottld {
server; // varnish
server backup; // php-fpm
// or server unix:/var/tmp/mydomaindottld.sock;

varnish can cache to disk or RAM


I have the above running on a non-froxlor custom server.


With my current (froxlor and varnish) setup I have to define every site as (or other port)


And my question or request or interested in doing is Varnish support in froxlor.




Next question is, Froxlor on CentOS 7, is CentOS 7 supported if so how well if not are there any plans?

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