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We changed it FROM regex to filter_var long time ago and that for a reason, I'm not planning on switching back again only because of a bug we're not responsible for...You wouldn't buy a new car only because one gas-station has the wrong fuel, would you?

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you are right, I was writing that on behalf of the comment in the script

// This is a ugly hack, maybe a good regex would be better?


but that is probably from old times


anyway when you think of usability, imagine newbie server administrators like me

they install latest php 5.3.2 from dotdeb and want to install froxlor cause it's really nice tool to manage hosting

but when he first enter domain with dash he gets error message and now when he doesn't know anything about php

then he will probably end with froxlor cause there are other server management tools,

and what I am saying is that in that moment froxlor is the gas-station with wrong fuel


so the question is, is the amount of froxlor users important for you?


I am not trying to force you to anything, just help with thoughts.

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i know that you are trying to help, which is very appreciated, but see it from our point of view, php-5.3.2 is not very spreaded at these days and changing all the filter_var-stuff back to regex' is a hell lot of work for us for just a bunch of guys using php-5.3.2 on productive systems...

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we use the filter_var because it's exactly supposed to do the job. if there is a bug in php, it's a problem in php. We will see whether this will keep up with future releases. if so we can change it. but for the moment i don't think it's the time to do it...

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