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  1. Can't wait for 1.0 with backup functionality, good work guys.
  2. the thing with even small monthly payments is sort of assurance that you will get something every month and that you can count on it, another thing is that if it is not much money than the users will not likely cancel it, especially when it will be made as paypal regular monthly payment which is possible, 12 * 2$ = 24$ a year that is for person managing servers like what, 2 hours at work, that's like nothing but multiplying it with let's say 50 users thats 100 bucks a month, that's not that bad for a start ... but still that something extra has to be enough usefull thing to attract
  3. yes, i don't know how much you would like to raise but 2$ dollars a month for some usefull extras should be easy to pay for everyone I would not yet go with full open source commercilaizition because i think the amount of user base is not so big but that is just my guess
  4. Another option could be getting something extra for small payment per month
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