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  1. is there a global option to enable/disable wildcards?
  2. atari

    Loadbalance/failover how make

    i think you're looking for hartbeat and drdb. that's the most proper and stable solution available... and it's known, it can be set up to work with froxlor... cheers
  3. atari

    Froxlor and MariaDB

    that's a good question. we'd be glad if someone could give MariaDB a try, so we know about the support... cheers
  4. atari

    Custom DNS settings

    you can add a dns zonefile which you can edit on the server itself. so you can add whatever you want. actually there is no mod for froxlor to support proper dns zone management... cheers
  5. atari

    Download Only FTP Account

    i would also suggest to use http downloads. these are more common and easier to set up as for proftpd you have to change the config for a proper solution. otherwise you'd end up using a dummy ftp username... cheers
  6. atari

    python/mod_wsgi support

    i think it should be possible to add this feature. but i think it should not be done by a main developer. to include the support for mod_wsgi shouldnt be that hard as to support it, it's similair as other options like perl. so this would be a good start for someone who'd like to join the dev team as there is already a lot of needed code in froxlor. so. who is willing to give it a try to include mod_wsgi? you sure would get support by the dev-team for any questions occuring... cheers
  7. atari

    Mailman Module

    Please give me a feedback if you use the module. As long as i don't get bug reports, i don't update. At least not as long as it's working for me ;-)
  8. atari

    Set to store mail account passwords in MD5

    the problem is, if you change it, all users have to set a new password. or you have to do for them... this makes it very hard to change the method... :-/
  9. atari

    [solved] Why are the configs not complete

    yeah. i dont think its a froxlor problem, but you didnt read carefully the docs about the configs ;-)
  10. atari

    On evanzo server

    please ask the "evanzo server"-support. thanks
  11. atari

    [solved] Why are the configs not complete

    hi please show us what you changed in master.cf. Which lines did you add or which did you remove? thanks
  12. atari

    Viele Email-Adressen in 1 Konto?

    alternativ k?nntest Du auch eine Catch-all Adresse einrichten. Ansonsten ist das mit Weiterleitungen zu machen...
  13. Hi Bitte unbedingt angeben, f?r welche Distri/Version dieses Howto gemacht wurde. Vor allem auch mit welchen es funktioniert. Da ja gerade SASL sehr Distri-abh?ngig ist danke atari
  14. atari

    Mailman Module

    i just uploaded mailman 0.1.7. I added the needed templates for the theme...
  15. What did you do? What version of the module? http://forum.froxlor.org/index.php?/topic/582-mailman-module/