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known vulnerabilities / exploits?



Is there a place where I can find known exploits relating to specific Froxlor versions? I have found some on https://www.exploit-db.com/ - but I think there are continuous fixes for new discovered. I have to stay on a specific Froxlor version because newer ones are not compatible with my running DKIM implementation... So a way to use this feature is to fix exploits manually by myself.

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as they are reported in different ways there is no single page which includes all the things patched over the last 10 years.

Also, if you have a specific code-adjustment that won't allow you to merge the current stable release where issue are actively being fixed, then you should rethink. If you really want/need to do this manually everytime, just follow the commits on https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/commits/0.10.x (I assume you're on 0.10.x) and pick the stuff you want.

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