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email forwarding to local addreses



Hi to all,

I am just working on implementing WKS setup which is done by froxlor. WKD is already working properly and now I am stepping in theory of WKS. There must be an email-address key-submission@example.org for every domain which is forwarded to a local mailbox (e.g. the one of the local user "webkey") At the moment I am trying this manually in Froxlor:

- creating email-address key-submission@example.org

...and then I tried to set a forward address webkey@localhost but this is failing. So I set the address to webkey@localhost.de and corrected the address in mysql to webkey@localhost . Everything is working as expected: mails to key-submission@example.org are at the local mailbox of webkey.

Of course later this will be set by php - but for now I want to know if it is possible to set forwarding to an address @localhost without puddling in mysql database?

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I presumed that.... 😁


OK - I step on manually. Testing is only with 2...4 domains - so not bothering. But interesting project. WKD/WKS is very interesting in my eyes and it is not as complicated to integrate in Froxlor. DKIM is already working perfectly (using the fork from my GitHub) and email security is a very important part of a server today. I am using pgp since 1998 (on all my Linux machines) - but now since M$ outlook supports WKD/WKS it becomes more important...

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