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opcache cannot be used correctly with froxlor



Hi, I currently have the problem that certain php variables are not loaded by Froxlor. Only when I write them into the Conf.

For example, I wanted to set this variable.

opcache.file_cache = """

This only works if I enter it in this file.


Do you have any idea why?

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13 minutes ago, d00p said:

mod_php or fcgid or PHP-FPM? For mod_php you need to edit the one and only php.ini or use .htaccess 

Sorry, I forgot. It's PHP-FPM. And in the Froxlor GUI it doesn't work.

The variable in Froxlor is in the screenshot only as an example. Unfortunately it doesn't work there.

Here the screenshots as I mean it.



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Great, I really hadn't thought of that! They were really missing. For others, these variables have to be entered in Froxlor.



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