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  1. Hey, is there the possibility with the 2FA function to hide/disable the email option completely? And to set purely to QR Code? E-Mail is too insecure for our structure and I do not recommend it. Especially because the admin mail is not accessible for the users. 2FA will lock it out. Is there any way we could do that? Could we adapt this in any config file?
  2. Could be an option, that has to be enabled with caution, like /bin/bash for FTP users. We will fiddle with this idea and see what we can do to help prevent most of the bad things, that customers can do. Maybe limit it to curl/wget and stuff, without execute permissions for piped commands or strip them entirely.
  3. That's correct and i dont mean it in any bad way. The API Should be able to add/modify/remove/sanity-check Cronjobs on Customer Level. We are now also working on such a function, as this is the main reason we have to do anything Froxlor related, except updates. Would be a massive convenience. Are you interested in this function when we have it up and running?
  4. Very well, the system runs flawlessly for now. We are setting it up in an semi-production environment and can not wait for more features in the API (cronjobs are very high on our wish list). we are testing this release and will report any major bugs or changes that we made to the code(pull request). Thank you so much!
  5. Woks like a charm the second time! i had to manually set the parameters in the Froxlor panel settings (e.g. libnss-extrausers flag). Is this intended or should i have run the Froxlor master cronjob for the changes to take effect?
  6. Can i just repeat the step? edit: Btw. there is no reported error in the mysql error.log, very strange.
  7. Wonderfull, works like a Charm. Now i wanted to test the configuration Script: Here is what i did: php /var/www/froxlor//install/scripts/config-services.php --froxlor-dir=/var/www/froxlor/ --create this is the json i got: {"distro":"buster","http":"apache24","dns":"x","smtp":"postfix_dovecot","mail":"dovecot_postfix2","ftp":"proftpd","system":["cron","awstats","libnssextrausers","logrotate","php-fpm"]} All went well until php fpm, here is the output: php7.3-fpm (7.3.4-2) wird eingerichtet ... Creating config file /etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini with new version NOTICE: No
  8. I downloaded froxlor-0.10.0-rc2.tar.gz from your first post. Should i pull the current git? Thanks!
  9. Hi, is set up a new Server with Debian Buster. The Wiki install guide provides no guidance whatsoever on what the server needs to start the web-installer, would be nice to have a complete install guide when there is no LAMP Stack in place. i now get this error message during the installation: Checking MySQL-root access... OK Creating backup of old database... OK (/tmp/froxlor_backup_201909171108.sql) Preparing database... OK Creating database and username... OK Testing if database and user have been created correctly... SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'froxlor'@
  10. Great, I really hadn't thought of that! They were really missing. For others, these variables have to be entered in Froxlor. php_admin_flags opcache.file_cache_only opcache.enable_cli opcache.enable_file_override php_admin_values opcache.file_cache
  11. Sorry, I forgot. It's PHP-FPM. And in the Froxlor GUI it doesn't work. The variable in Froxlor is in the screenshot only as an example. Unfortunately it doesn't work there. Here the screenshots as I mean it.
  12. Hi, I currently have the problem that certain php variables are not loaded by Froxlor. Only when I write them into the Conf. For example, I wanted to set this variable. opcache.file_cache = """ This only works if I enter it in this file. /etc/php/7.3/mods-available/opcache.ini Do you have any idea why?
  13. Mir erst, hab das ja alles von vorn bis hinten durch geprüft... Bei anderen Domains auf dem Server geht es auch, bei allen sind die DNS Records korrekt, das macht keinen Sinn... mysql> SELECT iscatchall, email, email_full FROM mail_virtual WHERE email_full = 'catchall@bla.tld'; +------------+--------------+----------------------+ | iscatchall | email | email_full | +------------+--------------+----------------------+ | 1 | @bla.tld | catchall@bla.tld | +------------+--------------+----------------------+ 1 row in set (0,00 sec)
  14. Ja, diese Mail Adresse hat ein Konto in dem die Mails dann eingehen sollen. Diese ist auch in /var/customers/mails angelegt. Wenn man direkt an catchall@.... sendet kommt die Mail auch an.
  15. Das ist nun über meinem Horizont, wodurch definiert sich eine virtuelle Adresse? Also die catchall@sld.tld hat ein Postfach und ist als catchall definiert.
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