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.htaccess: RewriteEngine On -> HTTP 500 Internal Server error



I'm quite new to froxlor. 

I did the following:

  1. I cloned & upgraded an existing server(Ubuntu 12.04 -> 16.04; Froxlor 0.93 -> 0.98.8)
  2. The webserver is starting correctly
  3. On all sites, where a "Rewrite Engine On" Directive is in the DocRoot, I get an HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
  4. The fix would be to get a Line "AllowOverride FileInfo" into the root-directory directive of every  apache-vhost config
  5. As a workaround I put into SYSTEM/Settings/Webserver in default VHOST-Settings: 
  6. <Location />
    AllowOverride FileInfo


Well it works. But I'm sure that's not a good way to do it and I assume Rewriting should work right out of the box.

Any hints, how to do this in a better way?

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By default, apache 2.4 (which i assume 16,04 is using) does NOT allow execution of .htaccess at all (AllowOverride None !!!) - Froxlor whatsoever does generate corresponding entries in the customers vhosts (Require all granted + AllowOverride All). If you only get errors with people using rewrites, maybe mod_rewrite is not enabled?

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Thanks for your answer d00p.

I made sure before mod_rewrite is enabled:

root@myserver:~# ls -tlra /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/*rewrite*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30 Mär  2  2012 /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/rewrite.load -> ../mods-available/rewrite.load

When I manually enter "AllowOverride FileInfo" in a generated vhost, and reload apache it works for this vhost. (and the directive is wiped away of course in the next configuration generation run.)


Yes. I'm using apache 2.4. I also selected config generation for apache 2.4 in the froxlor webserver settings.

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As said, froxlor does generate corresponding entries, please nopaste the generated vhost of a domain where the rewrite is not working and/or try to see if there are any entries in apaches/customers error log regarding the 500 error

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