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[merged into froxlor] Froxlor Theme "Sparkle"





I'm currently working on a theme for froxlor which tries to create a look which is a little bit cleaner.


Screenshots and the download can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/BNoiZe/Sparkle




+ new, * fixes, - removed


2013-06-15 v1.0

+ Initial Release

+ Header design

+ New progress bars (more compatible)

+ Reformatted many views

+ Completely redesign traffic views

* Various Bugfixes

- Removed old progress bars

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It would be nice if you would not comment every commit/change here on its own...how about a complete changelog once in a while?


Okay sorry! Going to give support with single posts and post changelogs once in a while as a single post and a overview about all changelogs in the first post. I hope this is okay?!

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