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  1. Und warum nicht einfach nach offizieller Anleitung? -> https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/wiki/Install-froxlor-on-debian
  2. Wow, soviel Info...keine Ausgabe über die ausgeführte installation, keinerlei Info ob du danach auch den Webserver neugestartet hast, nix...du sagst nichtmal welches System du einsetzt... Die fehlenden Pakete/Extensions hab ich dir genannt.
  3. apt install php-mysql php-xml php-mbstring php-curl php-bcmath php-zip
  4. https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/wiki/Install-froxlor-on-debian
  5. froxlor does not work on windows. It's not meant to be used on windows...
  6. by default, if you install php the posix extension is ALREADY part of it, no extra packages needed. So you might want to check whether you might not load the extension (e.g. /etc/php/8.0/mods-available/posix.ini should have a line like "extension=posix.so"). If not: state your distribution and how you installed php...
  7. Well then don't enable "Create Listen statement" in the corresponding IP/Port settings...
  8. Das Script ist halt auch uralt...du kannst sicher verstehen das ich da jetzt keine fixes mehr erarbeiten kann...0.9.x ist seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr aktuell...
  9. 0.9.x ist einfach ewig nicht mehr supported....versuchs, vllt hast du glück
  10. ich sag mal so, wenn deine services laufen...brauchst du im grunde nur php-7.1+ - aber du hast da andere probleme wie veraltete pakete (ssh, ca-certificates, etc.) - mach es bitte nicht von froxlor abhängig, frag dich lieber willst du mit unsupported systems arbeiten die (mittlerweile mit sicherheit) diverse BEKANNTE lücken aufweisen?
  11. Nein sorry, das ganze wird seit 0.10.x komplett anders gehandhabt...was spricht denn gegen ein Wartungsfenster und ein Debian Upgrade? Hatte ich vor ein paar Wochen erst einen Kunden der das selbe Probleme hatte...nach kurzer zeit war er auf aktuellem Debian und zufrieden weil alles wieder läuft
  12. When you've enabled 2FA the qr code should be displayed on this site for you to scan with you favorite 2fa app
  13. Logs....error messages..."behaving odd" is not an Error message...be clear or get yourself an admin who knows how to read logs and manage a Linux OS
  14. The pool configs socket listen directive defines the socket that php-fpm will create to listen on. froxlor's pool configs are just fine...again, you do not provide any error message or log...you are just fiddling around and it seems you don't really know what you are doing.
  15. Login as admin -> configuration -> chose distribution and then category and then service to configure or use the install/scripts/config-services.php cli tool
  16. The installation process tells you... You need libnss-extrausers...
  17. Better use 'service' or 'systemctl' - many services just add init.d-files for compatibility reasons but they get removed more and more
  18. This depends so much on what you intend to do and what you require. And sorry no, Apache does not crash from installing PHP extensions. Again: provide error messages / log entries or we simply can't tell you what's wrong.
  19. show content of /var/www/froxlor/ please...doesnt seem to have the content it should have (e.g. there should be a robots.txt in the root document but server says 404)
  20. you sure there is the index.php in the folder /var/www/froxlor? This message says it cannot find it and what about owner/group? why not just post "ls -la /var/www/" and answer the question fully...would spare so much time... Whats the output of "a2enmod php7.3" (or php7.4 depending on what you have installed) Did you RESTART apache after your changes?
  21. permissions of /var/www/ and /var/www/froxlor? not even a few entries of error.log? permissions should be on "www-data" by default and mod_php enabled - as said, without more info about WHAT has already been done and what you are changing exactly after you get an answer here this will go back and forth all the time...Maybe until tomorrow there is more info from your site.
  22. We'll show us the corresponding vhost config...we don't know your system nor what you all changed and did...you have to give more detail if you want help
  23. Why shouldn't it be possible? You sadly give way to less info on what exactly you did so I can only guess and tell you generic stuff. Just "didn't change anything" is just not possible if you did what I said...post errors, with all related messages and file contents or let us fix it for you -> https://froxlor.support/
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