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php-FPM questions





I have seen the php-FPM patch from the bug tracking (http://bugs.froxlor.org/view.php?id=482).

Looking at the new settings (demo.froxlor.org), I have some questions:


1. Support for FastCGI is dropped from 0.9.16 ?

2. Also, using php-FPM will drop support for "PHP configurations" per domains ?

3. There is (or will be) a wiki page for the new settings ?


Best regards,


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php-fpn does not support php-configurations per domain as you know it, wen can only pass a few parameters via the php-fpm-config (for now there are only basics, i'm working on a way to parse the php-configs in the database for the php-fpm-config).


also, as this is not a final release but only trunk/, you may not consider this feature as completely done


EDIT: taken from the php-fpm wishlist:


(mike) SIMPLE: Ability to point to a different php.ini file per pool (just php-cgi -c) - may not be needed
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