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python/mod_wsgi support



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  1. 1. Do you think it would be useful if there was Python/WSGI support in Froxlor?




since I am very satisfied with Froxlor managing my PHP sites, I want these cool features for my Django-based sites, too ;)


And while it is possible to have this by just adding custom snippets to the apache config of the domain(s) in question, I wonder whether anyone would be interested in (or even willing to help with) a more general solution, which would eventually allow customers to deploy their own Python developments. Also, I would like to ask whether it would make sense to implement this against current branch (0.9.x) or against 1.0 (are there estimates yet when this will be available?).


Any input will be appreciated...




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if you want, collect some more infos about that, and i can take a look at this (you might as well just report a bug (feature request) for that)

I have found a quite detailed series of posts on how to set up shared hosting with mod_wsgi, which also takes into account the dependency/virtualenv problem (Python relies very heavily on shared libraries, and different users/applications often require different versions of these libraries, so you can't just install them globally as you would with PHP extensions). But while this approach may serve as a very good starting point, it would require a little bit more work (for Froxlor) than just adding a few lines to a config...


Unfortunately I do not have really much time to help much with this at the moment :( Also, for users (like me) who do not require a real shared-hosting-proof solution there is an easy workaround which allows to manage DNS/Mail/FTP/Stats/... with Froxlor while the actual site is served by python:


  1. create the domain(s) as usual in Froxlor
  2. create the virtualenv(s) as usual somewhere on the filesystem
  3. put the python project folder(s) also somewhere on the filesystem (for security reasons, this should be outside of the document root)
  4. create a .wsgi file as described in WSGI docs
  5. copy all the static media files into a single folder below the document root as defined in Froxlor (e.g. /var/customers/webs/customername/domain.tld/media/)
  6. now add a custom snippet to the respective domain config(s):
    Alias /media /var/customers/webs/customername/domain.tld/media
    WSGIScriptAlias / /path/to/wsgi/myapp.wsgi

In this setup, the Python app would run under the web server's user ("embedded mode", similar to mod_php). For added security, daemon mode (similar to suexec/fcgid mode with PHP) could be activated by adding


WSGIDaemonProcess site-1 user=user-1 group=user-1 threads=25
WSGIProcessGroup site-1

to the vhost config (the various options and statements are explained in the mod_wsgi docs).


there is no ETA for 1.0


I suspected an anwser like that ;) So would it be safe to say that smaller features/improvements should be directed at 0.9.x for the time being?

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I suspected an anwser like that ;) So would it be safe to say that smaller features/improvements should be directed at 0.9.x for the time being?


Definetly yes


PS: your python stuff sounds terribly pedestrian - plus only a bit of this can be done by Froxlor (the Vhost e.g.)


EDIT: i voted for 'no' because i don't think many people will need/use this (at least for 0.9.x)

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python/wsgi support would be soooo cool :)!


As python comes more and more common these days, I think froxlor could really set a milestone in this area...


Any news about this? Has anyone looked closer at this? Is anyone working on this?


I will have a closer look at it this winter and would love to see it in spring - even if I have to implement it myself.

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i think it should be possible to add this feature. but i think it should not be done by a main developer. to include the support for mod_wsgi shouldnt be that hard as to support it, it's similair as other options like perl. so this would be a good start for someone who'd like to join the dev team as there is already a lot of needed code in froxlor.


so. who is willing to give it a try to include mod_wsgi? you sure would get support by the dev-team for any questions occuring...



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