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Hooking system





First of all thanks to the devs for continuing the SysCP software in this new project.


I have a question about the hooking system concept which is documented on the syscp website: (http://wiki.syscp.org/devel/hooks) The page states that this concept is introduced in the 1.3-series but I can not find it in the 1.4-version. Can you give me any information about when or how We could use this or a similar hooking concept.


I think when Froxlor would be hookable and thus modularized it would give an enormous boost in user and developer adoption.


Kind Regards,


Pim Snel

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Hello Pim,


syscp-1.3 was never released (only development) - and SysCP-1.4 never introduced any hooking.


Froxlor-1.0 will introduce the possibility to develop modules and will also have hooks later where the modules can attach.



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