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    Hi, For who may interest this subject. I've published a rough version of a ruby gem called capistrano-froxlor. It adds Froxlor cli functions to Capistrano 3. This gem does not deploy Froxlor itself. It can be useful if you like to deploy applications to a froxlor machine. We use it for deploying TYPO3 sites, but of it could be used for any application that van run inside a Froxlor domain. For now it can create or update subdomains and can create databases for a customer. Perhaps more functionality will follow. I'm open for feature- or merge requests. Kind regards, Pim https://rubygems.org/gems/capistrano-froxlor https://github.com/mipmip/capistrano-froxlor
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    [SOURCE] want an git repository (official)

    A Subversion public repository would also be helpfull. Regards, Pim
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    Hooking system

    Hello, First of all thanks to the devs for continuing the SysCP software in this new project. I have a question about the hooking system concept which is documented on the syscp website: (http://wiki.syscp.org/devel/hooks) The page states that this concept is introduced in the 1.3-series but I can not find it in the 1.4-version. Can you give me any information about when or how We could use this or a similar hooking concept. I think when Froxlor would be hookable and thus modularized it would give an enormous boost in user and developer adoption. Kind Regards, Pim Snel