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Upgrade froxlor from 0.9.28 to 0.10



I followed the manual instructions on  https://docs.froxlor.org/v0.10/general/update/#_2-2-manually-download-and-extract-new-version

now Froxlor is running fine so far, but I am missing the page where froxlor updates the database.

I was not redirected to a database update page on first login. Is there no need to update the database from 0.9.28 to the latest 0.10? Or is it done automatically on first start?

e.g. here is the webinterface i am talking about, that I cannot access. I also searched for a config example file in 0.10.17 but no luck either.

I also tried directly calling install/updatesql.php but this redirects to the login page (also if I add the session in the URL like froxlor/install/updatesql.php?s=b71... )

If I manually disable the redirect in the sourcecode, I get the error in the log:

    [php7:error] [pid 25026] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'Froxlor\\FroxlorLogger' not found in /var/www/froxlor...


in the webinterface under "system-log" I see no entries at all

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after login I see the dashboard:

Hostname: mydomain.de
Webserver: Apache/2.4.38
PHP-Version: 7.4.33
MySQL-Server-Version: 5.5.5-10.3.25-MariaDB-0+deb10u1
Webserver-Interface: APACHE2HANDLER
MemTotal:        8165512 kB
MemFree:          173824 kB
MemAvailable:    7013208 kB
System-Auslastung: 0.13 / 0.08 / 0.10
Kernel: 6.1.0-11-amd64 (x86_64)
Uptime: 9d, 1h, 19m, 16s
Ausstehende Cron-Aufgaben:
  • Neuerstellung der Webserver-Konfiguration
  • Neuerstellung der Bind-Konfiguration
  • Löschen von Kunden-Dateien boesi
  • Kunden FTP-Konto Dateien löschen
  • Kunden FTP-Konto Dateien löschen
  • Kunden FTP-Konto Dateien löschen
Berechnung der Mailbox-Größen: 25.05.2020 00:00:01
Erstellen von Konfigurationsdateien: 25.05.2020 02:00:01
Webspace- und Trafficreport: 25.05.2020 00:05:01
Installierte Version: 0.10.17 (DB: 202005150)
Neueste Version: 2.0.21
There is a newer version available: "2.0.21" (Your current version is: 0.10.17)
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So what makes you think that you will need to (re)update the database? Looks like it went through already...I understand your issue. Maybe join us on Discord if you need to elaborate further

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that is strange, because I downloaded froxlor-0.10.38.tar.gz and unpacked it over the existing folder, after login, I got displayed on the dashboard, that it is only 10.17. maybe the database update was running somewhere in the background and got interrupted at 0.10.17?

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So why didn't you include this information at all in your opening post? Check whether the file `lib/Froxlor/Froxlor.php` has the correct version in it (you should be able to find it). If it's not your current version then there is definitely something wrong if you don't see the database update page after login.

There should also be an update.log within froxlor maybe there is some helpful information in it.

49 minutes ago, rubo77 said:

I got displayed on the dashboard, that it is only 10.17. maybe the database update was running somewhere in the background and got interrupted at 0.10.17?

Where exactly did you download it?

It should be https://files.froxlor.org/releases/froxlor-

(There are also checksums to validate)

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sure, on the releases page.

Now I see, that really only the old version is installed:

# grep 10 lib/Froxlor/Froxlor.php
       const VERSION = '0.10.17';

strange: 🤔

I unpacked the same gzip file again over the actual folder and now the updater ran fine from 0.10.17 to 0.10.38:




Froxlor Aktualisierung

Updating from 0.10.17 to 0.10.18
Updating from 0.10.18 to 0.10.19
Add new performance indexes[OK]
Updating from 0.10.19 to 0.10.20
Removing old unused table[OK]
Updating from 0.10.20 to 0.10.21
Adding settings for ssl-vhost default content if not updated from db-version 201910110[OK]
Updating from 0.10.21 to 0.10.22
Updating from 0.10.22 to 0.10.23
Updating from 0.10.23 to
Adding setting to hide incompatible settings[OK]
Adding setting for DKIM private key extension/suffix[OK]
Updating from to 0.10.24
Adding setting for mail address used in SOA records[OK]
Updating from 0.10.24 to 0.10.25
Refactoring columns from large tables[OK]
Add new description fields to mail and domain table[OK]
Adding settings for imprint, terms of use and privacy policy URLs[OK]
Updating from 0.10.25 to 0.10.26
Adding setting for default serveralias value for new domains[OK]
Adjusting Let's Encrypt endpoint configuration to support ZeroSSL[OK]
Adding custom logo image settings[OK]
Updating from 0.10.26 to 0.10.27
Adding settings to overwrite theme- or custom theme-logo with the new logo settings[OK]
Adding settings to define default value of 'create std-subdomain' when creating a customer[OK]
Normalizing ipv6 for correct comparison[OK]
Removing setting for search-engine allow yes/no[OK]
Adding setting to have all froxlor customers in a local group[OK]
Adds the possibility to select the PowerDNS Operation Mode[OK]
Updating from 0.10.27 to 0.10.28
Adding czech language file[OK]
Updating from 0.10.28 to 0.10.29
Updating from 0.10.29 to
Updating from to 0.10.30
Updating from 0.10.30 to 0.10.31
Add setting for acme.sh install location[OK]
Updating from 0.10.31 to 0.10.32
Updating from 0.10.32 to 0.10.33
Updating from 0.10.33 to 0.10.34
Updating from 0.10.34 to
Updating from to 0.10.35
Updating from 0.10.35 to
Updating from to 0.10.36
Updating from 0.10.36 to 0.10.37
Updating from 0.10.37 to 0.10.38
Checking database integrity[OK]



Now I can continue updating to version 2.x

Thanks for your help 👍

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It seems everything is working fine, so there is no system to be reconfigured. I Only cannot login to some email acounts, and I looked them up in the database:

some passwords are stored in `password_enc` like `EAqHkifyXx6sx`, those accounts are still working. but some are stored like





I cannot login into those accounts any more.


How can I fix the encoding of the passords? (I still have the plain text passwords)

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I only use froxlor for emails, so I think I read the whole migration guide, but I could not find how to adapt courier-IMAP settings to accept the new passwords.


comment out the following option in the given config file to allow the new password-hashes to be used correctly.

- default_pass_scheme = CRYPT
+ #default_pass_scheme = CRYPT

This is not applicable to courier

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I am migrated to dovecot now and now I still cannot login:


 auth-worker(115046): Error: conn unix:auth-worker (pid=115043,uid=142): auth-worker<5>: sql(rubo77@mydomain.de,,<jhogi2wE4Zwucqz2>): Invalid password in passdb: Not a valid MD5-CRYPT or PLAIN-MD5 password
Sep 03 06:08:42 mydomain.de postfix/smtp

although I have set

#default_pass_scheme = CRYPT

like described in the migration manual

If I change that to

default_pass_scheme = BLF-CRYPT

I can login into those accounts, where the password is stored in the form starting with


So I guess, I only have to reformat the stored passwords somehow.

Is there a way to do that from within froxlor?


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You need to have default_pass_scheme unset/commented out. Seems like you have very old passwords (e.g. not set with froxlor 0.10 or later, those that do not start with {hash-algorithm}

Search the forum, there is a topic where this is discussed.

Iirc either re-set the passwords so they will be stored in the new way or make a dovecot post-login-password-convert-script that updates password hashes after POP3/IMAP Login 

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