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froxlor vhost gets no letsencrypt anymore?



after migrating from 0.10 to 2.0.9 the first odd thing was that the letsencrypt cronjob wasn't there anymore, although the cron-rebuild (-r 99) was done per the webupdate-instructions.
tried disabling LE for the froxlor-vhost and re-enabling it, then tried disabling letsencrypt via settings and then disabling ssl all together, re-enabling it and doing froxlor:cron 'tasks' as well as froxlor:cron 'letsencrypt' manually.

it simply does not generate a LE/acme config not does it import any already stored certs from acme for the froxlor-vhost.

other domains work just fine on the same host with LE.

this is now the second froxlor-setup this is happening, so I'm out of ideas where to look as evidence of things not seen in the debug-log is hard to report...

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