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Froxlor Update to 0.10.21 fails (Browser hanging for >10 Minutes, then error)

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Hello there!

We are using Froxlor since a couple of years and never had an issue updating.
At the moment >700 domains are in our main system.
Now we tried to finally update our installation from to 0.10.21 using the usual .tgz-method, but unfortunately failed.
Login is displayed (after exchanging files and reloading) -> Login gets accepted -> Update confirmation notice is displayed -> Confirmation clicked -> Browser hangs (for >10 minutes)

Result: "Internal Server Error" and error.log just displays: "End of script output before headers: admin_updates.php"
I even had to increase "FcgidIOTimeout" to not having it timeout (I made several attempts, backing up files and db beforehand).

Any hint will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


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The corresponding setting would be "Settings -> Cronjob settings -> Allow automatic database updates". 

I would frist stop the cron-daemon (so I'm control of the execution), adjust the settings and then run the cron manually using

php /var/www/froxlor/scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --force --debug

I strongly recommend a prior backup :) If this does not work as expected, let me know, we'll figure something out to update your froxlor

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You can check how far the update went through (SELECT value FROM panel_settings WHERE varname = 'db_version')

I'm pretty sure it's right before an update where something is done with the domains-table or related to it...700 domains is a lot :)

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Ah yes, just how i thought. This was right before the adding of the new domain_ace field which then goes through all domains converting idna domains to their ace representation.

As you have a lot of domains this can of course take some time. I'd say in cases like this - CLI updater would be the better choice...Although the cronjob CAN (if allowed) include and handle these updates, i don't really recommend that - especially not on a live system.


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