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  1. Tacho! Lag wohl hier dran: Im Non-SSL-Zweig drin gewesen, aber nicht im SSL-Zweig: Das Markierte ist nun auch drin. Ich schätze mal dass das früher ggf. einmal nur ein zentrales Setting war? Nur eine Vermutung.
  2. Allright, I think I can sum this issue up to this misbehaviour of the DNS editor after all: Setting a CNAME record for "www" produces a duplicate entry in the zone, which leads to it not being loaded. (The other "@" issues seems like some non-RFC-conformance thing).
  3. Update #2: And it does not work really. The zone is generated, but not loaded. Oct 23 13:44:26 server named[8798]: dns_master_load: /etc/bind/domains/domain.de.zone:8: domain.de: CNAME and other data Oct 23 13:44:26 server named[8798]: zone domain.de/IN: loading from master file /etc/bind/domains/domain.de.zone failed: CNAME and other data Maybe it is not possible to set a CNAME record for the TLD ("@") itself. Never needed this before. Will look further into it.
  4. Update: Now I was able to set the "@" CNAME-Record for my "case A", but not in a way that makes sense... Being desperate, I experimented with deleting the "@ MX" Record (!), and after that, there was no "conflict" anymore and the end result looks like this. I fortunately was able to do this in this productive case, because, luckily, the MX works also with the implicit default entry in this case, phew (Some customers have MX-Records not on our server, where this move would not have been possible) So some bug, after all 🙂
  5. krajenski


    Then try my suggestion in line No.3: https://www.veeam.com/linux-backup-free.html Key Bulletpoints: - Bare-metal restore - Back up an entire Linux system or specific files (crash-consistent) - Console UI or command line - Multiple Jobs - Multiple Backends (local, NAS, Cloud) - Encryption: So it doesn't matter if backing up to 3rd-Party - and so so on... Try it out!
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. To answer in full: It is configured... ...but not in productive use (yet). -> Changed thecode -> Tested + Works for me! No Warnings.
  7. Hi! Yes, name resolution in general is fine on this machine. After looking at some articles like this: https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=73149 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36280957/dns-get-record-a-temporary-server-error-occurred https://dustri.org/b/a-short-tale-on-phps-dns_get_record.html ...I included a 'var_dump(' ... in the lines that were mentioned in the error message(s). (226 + 228 + 229) of .../froxlor/lib/Froxlor/PhpHelper.php and did a: # /usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/froxlor/scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --run-task 4 --force PHP Warning:
  8. krajenski


    Hello there! Just my 2 cents of experience here. We follow a two-sided approach here. For having a consistent bootable desaster-backup for "*.*" we use this: https://www.veeam.com/linux-backup-free.html The base product is free. To quote d00p: There are so many backup solutions out there to choose from. On the other hand, for having some consistent database-backup rotation on the machine itself at hand for quick access and restore, I scripted this: (Run by crontab which has 'MAILTO=' defined (important in my eyes in general ! ) #!/bin/bash ############################# export lo
  9. I understand, sure, there you go: ------------------------------------------------------- "Edit domain"-settings for Case "B" (the good case) are: - No alias domain - No subdomain of a full domain - Allow editing: yes - Next two fields: empty - Documentroot: /var/customers/webs/msolutions/eicar.eu/ - IP: <IPV4>:80 - ServerAlias value: WWW - SepLog: No - Own V-Settings: Empty - Apply special: yes - Write an...: yes - Write an...: yes - SSL: yes - SSL-IP: <IPv4>:443 - SSL redirect: off - LetsEncrypt: yes - Override...: no - ProtVersions: TLS
  10. Hi there! As the following issue is not affecting all our domains in the DNS editor, I post it here before filing a bug in github. We have an two-parted issue with adding CNAME-records to DNS zones using the Froxlor DNS-Editor. I have for example two DNS zones here, which behave very differently when adding CNAMES. -> Please see attached two pictures as information basis Case A: Problem 1) When adding an "@" CNAME to this zone this happens: There already exists a resource-record with the same record-name. It can not be used as CNAME. Problem 2) When adding an "www" CN
  11. Hi there, I'm looking for a hint on how-to debug the following output from "/usr/bin/php -q /var/www/html/froxlor/scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --tasks": PHP Warning: dns_get_record(): A temporary server error occurred. in /var/www/html/froxlor/lib/Froxlor/PhpHelper.php on line 226 PHP Warning: dns_get_record(): A temporary server error occurred. in /var/www/html/froxlor/lib/Froxlor/PhpHelper.php on line 228 PHP Warning: array_merge(): Expected parameter 1 to be an array, bool given in /var/www/html/froxlor/lib/Froxlor/PhpHelper.php on line 229 PHP Warning: Invalid argument supp
  12. Great, thanks. I hoped for an alternative method of updating in existing Could you give me a quick hint on how the update is done in the shell? Or a quick link to the documentation in this matter.
  13. Good Morning d00p, many thanks for your fast reply and the work you do! I just tried it again, the answer is: 201912313 PS: I now dumped the failed db for possible further analysis before restoring. Best Regards, Sebastian
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