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Possibility of Using New Version of Froxlor without Composer

kingsley ezenwa



Been quite a while.

Glad seeing the Good work happening here especially with all the interesting Updates.

My issue is , I downloaded most recent version of Froxlor and can see a lot's changed including the fact You now need Composer to AutoLoad and install Certain Packages.
Anyway I was able to Spin up a new VM where I tried installing Froxlor just so the Packages gets downloaded and I can see them now in Vendor folder.

Anyway I have copied the entire Froxlor directory into my server BUT issue is I still need AutoLoad them BUT I still don't want any Composer so I looked into composer.json and tracked the files till I got to /vendor/composer/autoload_psr4.php    and    /vendor/composer/autoload_static.php   hence I can make out their File Paths.

I equally know the composer file (/vendor/autoload.php) is being included in the init file located in  /lib/init.php   .

Now rather than blindly testing, I want to know if there are any negative impacts to individually including each files from /vendor/composer/autoload_psr4.php   using include()  or require() functions .

return array(
    'RobThree\\Auth\\' => array($vendorDir . '/robthree/twofactorauth/lib'),
    'Psr\\Log\\' => array($vendorDir . '/psr/log/Psr/Log'),
    'PHPMailer\\PHPMailer\\' => array($vendorDir . '/phpmailer/phpmailer/src'),
    'Monolog\\' => array($vendorDir . '/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog'),
    'Froxlor\\' => array($baseDir . '/lib/Froxlor'),
    'Algo26\\IdnaConvert\\' => array($vendorDir . '/froxlor/idna-convert-legacy/src'),

I believe I found a patern on how those files might have been included e.g  'PHPMailer\\PHPMailer\\' => array($vendorDir . '/phpmailer/phpmailer/src'),    becomes    require($vendorDir . '/phpmailer/phpmailer/src/PHPMailer.php')


but then, I might be wrong.  Really would appreciate your kind response and understanding

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42 minutes ago, d00p said:

Just Download the tarball provided on the website, it includes all dependencies without the need of composer being installed on the system.

Just downloaded the tarbal via https://files.froxlor.org/releases/froxlor-latest.tar.gz   and a quick peep into .../froxlor/lib/init.php shows it still needs Composer for autoLoading.

Am looking at doing away with composer completely hence willing to manually include files if possible.

This is among other reasons to accomodatee changes I made on my previous Froxlor + I equally don't want composer anywhere close to Me.

Yea composer might be cool but ...

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Sorry, no idea what you mean. All the requirements and dependencies that are managed via composer are in the vendor/ folder. If you download the releases you do not need to have composer installed on the system (which is used to download and create the content you see in the vendor/ folder).

So, what exactly is your problem right now?

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Allow customers to enable shell access for ftp-users</b><br><strong class="red">Please note: Shell access allows the user to execute various binaries on your system. Use with extrem caution. Please only activate this if you REALLY know what you are doing!!!

Now am asking, what's the real Dangers in enabling this ?
Would their commands be limited to their Space (more like CHROOT) or would it affect everyone else (other users) including the Host Machine itself .



PSS: I asked this in here to avoid opening another unhealthy thread.

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