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Gentoo overlay does not work anymore

Sven Köhler

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Froxlor has been available for Gentoo for a while now. Installation was supposed to happen via an ebuild in a Layman overlay. The overlay doesn't work for several months now.

http://files.froxlor.org/gentoo/repositories.xml points to git://git.froxlor.org/froxlor-gentoo.git which cannot be accessed at the moment. Maybe it's a firewall issue? Anyhow, that repository cannot be accessed it seems.

$ LANG=C git clone git://git.froxlor.org/froxlor-gentoo.git
Cloning into 'froxlor-gentoo'...
fatal: unable to connect to git.froxlor.org:
git.froxlor.org[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
git.froxlor.org[1: 2a01:440:1:12:dead:beef:3d2d:815]: errno=Connection timed out

Please restore the Gentoo overlay to its former glory.


Kind Regards,

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Just talked to Dessa today. He thought no one was using that anymore. We're working on it. Please be patient. You might just copy froxlor-0.10.10.ebuild to froxlor-0.10.15.ebuild, run ebuild manifest on it and get the latest stable release

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