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  1. i am about to upload wheezy and jessie packages. for some of you this will require changes to your sources.list file in /etc/apt. if you use codenames (you really should) instead of the generic "stable"-isms there is nothing you need to do. the symlinks will be updated as following: "oldstable" is now "oldoldstable" (wheezy) "stable" is now "oldstable" (jessie) "stable" will be re-introduced when stretch packages will be ready which should be within the next hour or two, ultimately within a few hours, both this and the main post will be updated as this happens.
  2. die version ist aus sid - warum die noch nicht entfernt wurde wenn sie doch kaputt ist, ist mir schleierhaft die patches waren mir so nicht bekannt (woher auch, weder ubuntu(!) noch debian hat den kram in den paketen) ich schau mal ob ich am Wochenende zeit finde nen neues packet zu bauen. das wird sie eh irgendwann. dann wird man sowieso was ganz anderes finden muessen. erinner mich bloss nicht dadran.
  3. Dessa

    Important bugfix release

    fixed, sorry about that.
  4. klar fehlt proxypassmatch, die sethandler variante braucht das ja nicht. man haette auch die proxypassmatch variante nehmen koennen, klar, nur habe ich mich wegen eines bugs in php 5.6.1 (.2 war nen security only release) dagegen entschieden: https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/8cac75969e5abb2b6be5bbd489d851a4f9e50979 ausserdem gingen bei mir mit proxypassmatch die directoryprotections kaputt, warum weiss ich bis heute nicht... ich kann mir grade nicht wirklich erklaeren warum das nicht laufen sollte (apache-2.4.10-r1 und php-5.6.3)
  5. Dessa

    Jetzt nur noch Fehlermeldungen ;)

    ob das forum offenbleibt oder nich entscheide immernoch ich, is schliesslich auch meine lizenz aber leuten dinge vorschreiben zu wollen scheint ja normal zu sein. apropros vorschreiben: schluss mit dem offtopic mist, ja?
  6. Dessa

    Release 0.9.28 *update*

    as you might have noticed already, debian 7.0 got released a few hours ago. going on par with that a small change and a note: squeeze users: stable is now oldstable, if you are pointing to the "stable" symlink in your configuration, you might want to change that to "squeeze" or "oldstable" wheezy users: there will be *no* wheezy packages for, this will have to wait for the next froxlor release
  7. Dessa

    Release: 0.9.27

    hrm. please use mod_fcgid from backports (or upgrade to squeeze) 2.3.2 added that, it should work then, sorry about that, and before anyone asks, no it was an oversight and not supposed to happen. speaking of lenny, plans are still that we are going to drop hardy and lenny from .28, more then ever before since time is limited, and lenny is EOL for a while, hardy not so much, but no one complained in my previous post so i can assume that no one is using it anyway.
  8. Dessa

    Froxlor security issues?

    i don't know of any issues like that as we never were made aware of them.
  9. Dessa

    [solved] courier-authdaemon problem

    courier* is allergic to non-UNIX newlines, i don't really expect this file having windows newlines, but still, this is the only thing i can think of right now, since that happened regulary in the past. install "dos2unix" (it is available in the default debian repository) and run it on the file, just to be sure.
  10. Dessa

    Froxlor on Ubuntu 11.10 ?

    the repository will probably not work, if it does, be my guest. other then that, we don't support ubuntu 11.10, if it works for you its fine (its not unlikely that it does, anyway), but i have my focus on 12.04 currently (which will probably get .deb packages due to the fact i can mostly "abuse" squeeze packagefiles now.) we have been only supporting LTS releases since a while now and i'm not going to change that since i'm not keeping more then 2 distro versions around unless there is a specific need to do that.
  11. reiser ist wieder so ein "unique snowflake" schau mal nach ob in deiner /etc/fstab bei der partiton wo die fcgid scripts liegen "attrs" bei <opts> steht, falls nicht, mal hinzufuegen und remounten, danach die besagte ?nderung r?ckg?ngig machen. (sodass chattr +i wieder ausgefuehrt wird) hatte reiser nur nie selbst im einsatz deshalb kann ich dazu nicht viel mehr sagen, sorry.
  12. Dessa

    Release: Froxlor 0.9.26

    We do also plan to deprecate Debian Lenny (will be EOL on 6th Feb) and Ubuntu Hardy (we will introduce Pangolin configs) in the next release. That means there will be a Debian Lenny package for 0.9.27, but that one will be the last one provided, as configs and support will be RM'd in .28. As always if there are strong objections against this we well reevaluate our plans, but keep in mind that we can't support old stuff forever. Squeeze was released about one year ago, you have had enough time to upgrade your boxes by now.
  13. Dessa

    IPB Upgrade to 3.2

    since this is not worth to post in announcements, i'll leave a note here: i did upgrade the Forum Software to IPB 3.2 (long overdue, upstream is working on 3.3 already <.<) things that still need to be done (like, when i am more awake.): redo that logo, it's from the old skin, and does not really fit in the new one reevaluate forum settings ignore any bugs that might get posted to that thread... or rather not i realize that you might not like the new skin. we have been using the upstream default skin since forever and that one might take a while to get used to, but its not really something i can change since the 3.1 skin, even if its still available here, is broken and should not be used
  14. Dessa

    Quota: Nach Update Kritischer Error

    sieht nach lenny aus, richtig? mich wundert dann schon das fehlen von /dev/root, da es momentan noch von allen moeglichen distributionen manuell erstellt wird (was sich demnaechst aber auch aendern wird) durch ein normales update kann das allerdings nicht passiert sein da die quota funktion nicht automatisch aktiviert wird.