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  1. i am about to upload wheezy and jessie packages. for some of you this will require changes to your sources.list file in /etc/apt. if you use codenames (you really should) instead of the generic "stable"-isms there is nothing you need to do. the symlinks will be updated as following: "oldstable" is now "oldoldstable" (wheezy) "stable" is now "oldstable" (jessie) "stable" will be re-introduced when stretch packages will be ready which should be within the next hour or two, ultimately within a few hours, both this and the main post will be updated as this happens.
  2. die version ist aus sid - warum die noch nicht entfernt wurde wenn sie doch kaputt ist, ist mir schleierhaft die patches waren mir so nicht bekannt (woher auch, weder ubuntu(!) noch debian hat den kram in den paketen) ich schau mal ob ich am Wochenende zeit finde nen neues packet zu bauen. das wird sie eh irgendwann. dann wird man sowieso was ganz anderes finden muessen. erinner mich bloss nicht dadran.
  3. fixed, sorry about that.
  4. klar fehlt proxypassmatch, die sethandler variante braucht das ja nicht. man haette auch die proxypassmatch variante nehmen koennen, klar, nur habe ich mich wegen eines bugs in php 5.6.1 (.2 war nen security only release) dagegen entschieden: https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/8cac75969e5abb2b6be5bbd489d851a4f9e50979 ausserdem gingen bei mir mit proxypassmatch die directoryprotections kaputt, warum weiss ich bis heute nicht... ich kann mir grade nicht wirklich erklaeren warum das nicht laufen sollte (apache-2.4.10-r1 und php-5.6.3)
  5. as you might have noticed already, debian 7.0 got released a few hours ago. going on par with that a small change and a note: squeeze users: stable is now oldstable, if you are pointing to the "stable" symlink in your configuration, you might want to change that to "squeeze" or "oldstable" wheezy users: there will be *no* wheezy packages for, this will have to wait for the next froxlor release
  6. hrm. please use mod_fcgid from backports (or upgrade to squeeze) 2.3.2 added that, it should work then, sorry about that, and before anyone asks, no it was an oversight and not supposed to happen. speaking of lenny, plans are still that we are going to drop hardy and lenny from .28, more then ever before since time is limited, and lenny is EOL for a while, hardy not so much, but no one complained in my previous post so i can assume that no one is using it anyway.
  7. We do also plan to deprecate Debian Lenny (will be EOL on 6th Feb) and Ubuntu Hardy (we will introduce Pangolin configs) in the next release. That means there will be a Debian Lenny package for 0.9.27, but that one will be the last one provided, as configs and support will be RM'd in .28. As always if there are strong objections against this we well reevaluate our plans, but keep in mind that we can't support old stuff forever. Squeeze was released about one year ago, you have had enough time to upgrade your boxes by now.
  8. Please note that we ceased to support SuSE Linux 10.x, starting with this release. While Froxlor might not break for you in the future, we do recommend that you update to something more recent if possible since upstream stopped providing security updates quite a while ago. We renamed the affected Templates to SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 since this is still supported upstream, however, we are keeping template changes on a minimum there if possible due to limited testing availability (noone in the devteam actually has SLES 10 and the SuSE Linux 10 Templates were provided by the Community to begin with.)
  9. for gentoo users: the repository has been migrated to git, so you need to update layman "layman -d froxlor && layman -f && layman -a froxlor" should do the trick. for those who prefer to not use layman, the git url is: git://git.froxlor.org/froxlor-gentoo.git
  10. Dear Froxies, right in time, we managed to fix 17 issues for this release. We are really amazed about the activity of our community and really appreciate the bughunting they are performing. You are great and the reason why Froxlor keeps getting better and better. This release fixes a security risk in the open_basedir - settings (Thx to Ian Banfield for discovering this), so it is really recommended that you update to the latest Froxlor release! For more information about this issues you can read the detailed description here. New features / Bugfixes and more: * Add support for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) LTS (bug #171) * Customer can create 301/ 303 redirects (bug #184) * creating new customer account: default values in service data (bug #190) * Display the amount of data-sets in each overview (bug #195) * Deleted customer's php.ini and fcgi-starter exist (bug #200) * optionally send FTP-data via e-mail to customer (bug #208) * Froxlor not accessible after first domain was created (bug #211) * Awstats: Path to awstats.pl (bug #213) * After deleting a user, its APS instances still exists in the database (bug #216) * fixes in postfix main.cf to work with dovecot sasl auth (bug #217) * Customer-domain-edit form suggests incorrect document-root (bug #225) * Provide configuration templates for FreeBSD's libnss-mysql (bug #228) * APS tasks are not recognized in admin frontend "Outstanding cron-tasks" (bug #231) Please note: Updates of the newest SysCP - security - bugfix - version are supported. Download Froxlor 0.9.7 Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual. Thank you, your Froxlor Team
  11. looks like you added the managedns extension, which is a module for syscp 1.2 so probably won't work with froxlor.
  12. done that.. sorry for missing this
  13. Dessa

    Bind9 Security

    the debian package does not depend on bind9, it only recommends it, so its up to you if you want to install it or not, and in what way. edit: that behaviour changed with lenny, so what i said is not really correct, with lenny apt{itude} installs Recommends as they were Depends. i plan to fix that with the next package, though.
  14. this has been fixed since a few hours. this has been fixed in =%2F@624&compare[]=%2F@625"]svn revision 625 and will be in the next package, thanks
  15. this didn't happened to me, you are on lenny, i suppose? i need to check that this evening. it did for me, strange. you were using the offical syscp repository before? guess i need to test it again. i forgot that. will be added for the next release, thanks.
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