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PHP upload_tmp_dir permission error: Apache PHP-FPM activated => php tempdir wrong owner for customers



today I got from a customer a call he cannot Upload files in Wordpress. After a little search I saw if you create a new customer an a php tmp dir was created, the owner of the temp folder is froxlorlocal and not the new created user. So you cannot upload things via php. Is this a bug or do I still missed a setting?


Debian Buster

apache with PHP 7.3 with PHP-FPM

Froxlor 0.10.11


Kind regards

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Unable to reproduce, each folder within /var/customers/tmp/ (default setting) is owned by the corresponding customer user. Also, the value for each user is specified in the fpm-pool-config for each domain, so please ceck the pool config for the affected website.

Also, the cron uses the guid value of the customer to chown the directory, maybe there is a mix up and the local user (froxlorlocal) has the same uid/gid as one of the froxlor (database) users?

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