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Help with mail system setup



Hey togehter,

I think that I must compleatly resetup (maybe reinstall) my mail server because I am no longer be able to send any mails to google, microsoft and other big services and I was also forced to kill postmaster and root mail address as I am getting 100s of Mail Delivery mails in them (was arround 2 GB per mail).

I am unsure if I have done smth. wrong especialy with setting up DKIM (over opendkim) but I am unsure. DKIM seems not to work, only spf and DNSSEC isn't supportet yet by Hetzner.

It would be nice if someone could take a look at the config files. Because the 2nd main problem is, that spam get's not directly marked as spam and/or directly bounced so smth. must be horribly wrong.

Every help is welcome, thanks.


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This doesnt sound like a config-only-problem. Regarding google, microsoft and bigger, you are most likely on a blacklist (for now). Also to verify non-working DKIM or anything one would need to know at least one domain from you.

I can take a look at this mess if you want to :) Here's my pubkey (https://froxlor.support/files/froxlorhelp.pub, need root access) or PM me details

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