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Cannot bind to :443 (or :80)




I am running Ubuntu 16.x with froxlor v0.9.40.1 (DB: 201809280) and recently updated apache2 from 2.4.18 to 2.4.38 with ppa:ondrej/apache2. (Because I wanted to support http2 for my sites)
Since then whenever the apache config files are rewritten, I get the issue that apache cannot bind to :80 or :443, because of a duplicate "Listen" command in a config file:


cat apache2/sites-enabled/10_froxlor_ipandport_xxx.conf
# 10_froxlor_ipandport_xxx.conf
# Created 13.03.2019 23:01
# Do NOT manually edit this file, all changes will be deleted after the next domain change at the panel.

#Listen xxxx:80
<VirtualHost xxx:80>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/"
 ServerName xxx
Options -Indexes


(I manually disabled that Listen command, so apache can restart in both port 80 and 443 .conf files)

I enabled "HTTP2" , does that have something to do with that, perhaps? Is there a way to disable that behaviour?

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Login as admin, edit IP/Port entries and uncheck "Create Listen" :)

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