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I have the following setup : 
One server with two IP's. 
On IP 1, i have the webserver running with froxlor handling everything (dns,apache,etc..)
On IP 2, i have apache manually configured to point to roundcube, and i have postfix/dovecot running (handled by froxlor again). (So it's basically my mail server). (actually postfix is running in a multi-postfix with in/out servers with different spam-assasin and log settings)

Been running syscp, then froxlor, so maybe with the new options there might be a better way to do this.

How should i set-up my froxlor so that i can have this set-up the best way possible ? 
As i'd like to have mail/smtp/imap subdomains for all domains pointing to IP2 and not IP1 :)
I tried turning on the option "system.dns_createmailentry" but it points to my IP1  and looking at the code i can't see any way to have it point to IP2, or maybe i'm missing something ? 


Right now i've only got IP1 (80 and 443) in the panel IP's and PORTS

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Here is a copy of my Nameserver settings.

mail.electrobel.net resolves to IP2.
I don't see any other place where i can specify the MX.

And when i check "create mail...." it adds entries pointing to IP1



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1 hour ago, d00p said:

Please nopaste the Domains DNS zone

I'm sorry, what info do you need ? One of the froxlor generated zone files with the "create mail ..." option turned on ? 

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$TTL 604800
$ORIGIN electrobel.be.
@       18000   IN      SOA     ns1.electrobel.net. zark.zark.be. 2018061900 3600 900 604800 1200
@       18000   IN      A
imap    18000   IN      A
pop3    18000   IN      A
mail    18000   IN      A
smtp    18000   IN      A
www     18000   IN      A
busy    18000   IN      A
www.busy        18000   IN      A
@       18000   IN      NS      ns1.electrobel.net.
@       18000   IN      NS      ns2.electrobel.net.
@       18000   IN      MX      10      mail.electrobel.net.
@       18000   IN      TXT     ("v=spf1 a ip4: ip4: ip4:195.189.203"
                                ".16 ~all")
<CUT>._domainkey      18000   IN      TXT     ("v=DKIM1;k=rsa;p=<CUT>;t=s")
_adsp._domainkey        18000   IN      TXT     "dkim=all"


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Easiest way: do not create Mail entry via settings and enter either a globally valid MX in the settings or specify domain-specific in DNS Editor

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