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  1. DNS Patch Proposition

    Sorry this is an old thread. But an update for those who use this. With newer froxlor, the "patch" to make is : /lib/functions/dns/function.createDomainZone.php At the bottom of the createDomainZone function, just before $zone = new DnsZone((int) Settings::Get('system.defaultttl'), $domain['domain'], $domain['bindserial'], $zonerecords); Add : $zonerecords[] = '$INCLUDE /etc/bind/froxlor_extra.inc.zone'."\n"; Just a summary, this adds an include file for all your domains. quick hack if you have multiple ip's like me, or want to add some fields for all the domains.
  2. Hello I just used the port25 checker, and received an error message https://www.port25.com/authentication-checker/ Apparently, from what i understand, it doesn't like the fact that our dkim selectors have an underscore. Maybe it's just their script being picky, or maybe it would be best to avoid the underscore in the selector as to avoid issues with other parsers ?
  3. Docker

    running only froxlor on a docker i don't quite see the point. But creating a docker that has the LAMP stack with froxlor, ftp, mail server dns server and the whole thing could be nice. It'd be a two click installation for a full server stack.
  4. OpenDKIM

    Hello I wanted to add DKIM support , but in Gentoo we don't have the old dkim-filter, but the newer opendkim I modified the bind crontask to put out the correct configuration files (KeyTable & SignTable) with the correct syntax. Are you interested in the modifications ? How should i post them ?
  5. DNS Patch Proposition

    Hello I have a multiple ip setup. basically all http is on one ip, and the mail system on another (same server, just different ip). This basically allows for a correct reverse ip for the mail server. I've setup roundcube on the same ip as the smtpd. .15 = apache for vhosts .16 = apache for roundcube + smtpd Now, the problem i have, is that froxlor will create a "mail." alias in the zonefile BUT always point it to the main ip. The proposition i have, and patched myself is this : cron_tasks.inc.dns.10.bind.php $zonefile .= '$INCLUDE /etc/bind/froxlor_extra.inc.zone'."\n"; You need to create a file (that can be empty) . Inside you can just put lines that should be included in ALL zonefiles created. in my case, i add a "mail" alias pointing to my second ip. and TADA ! also, i can add custom spf and other things. (also, i disable in the settings the generation of the mail alias, so i can do it manually) I feel this is needed in froxlor, as to add custom configuration as now all files are generated from the scripts. This is a fast hack, but could be made more flexible by adding a field in the configuration panel that would fill the file, remove the include if its empty etc... I leave that to the devs if they feel like it take care
  6. opendkim Gentoo Froxlor

    Hello, i need to run dkim on my server. except that gentoo now runs with opendkim, which uses different configuration than supported in froxlor ... Anybody got any solution running ? reading on opendkim configuration on gentoo-wiki isn't really helping
  7. MYSQL DB Maintenance

    Hello I'd like to suggest adding a feature to the froxlor cronjob. Basically a repair/optimize sql command. This morning No mails could be sent because the mail_virtual table was marked as crashed ... the mysql server didn't crash, and i don't know why this happened. I just ran a repair on it, and optimize, and it's back online. Would it be a good idea to add such an sql command on the cronjob to avoid this kind of problem ?
  8. Multiple IP

    Okay will do, i'll implement it and suggest it as patch. First i have to get GIT to integrate nicely in PDT ... then i'll start working on that template thing
  9. SSL

    But the SSL certificate file is defined under the vhost definition, so logically you can define different certificates for different files ??
  10. Multiple IP

    Hello I've installed froxlor the other day, finally migrating from syscp. My Setup is a two ip setup. .15 -> webserver .16 -> mail server I've done this for reverse-ip reasons, security etc... Anyway. I really like your new option to put a "mail" alias in the zone file, as i hacked that in the previous syscp However, in my case i'd like to be able to specify the ip adress for that alias. So i have a suggestion : Two choices : * "Zonefile template" - where you could "add" some things to every zone files, or an include or something like that. * For the mail alias, instead of a bool, add a field to enter an ip. I suppose i'm alone with this type of issue, but i feel like a "zonefile template" feature could be nice for admins who sometimes have odd configurations
  11. SSL

    First of all, thank you very much for forking syscp ! I'm currently setting up some of my websites with SSL certificates. I'm going to use a self-signed cert for most of the sites, but for some i'd like to use an official ssl certificate. However, looking thru the code I don't feel like this is possible. Has anybody done a similar setup ?