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I have been using Froxlor for a while now but one of the things I have always been missing is a modern system which helps me to save time. I am frequently setting up web sites for customers and to be honest, Froxlor's approach to installing applications is way too nerdy to give someone else this task, who is not really into it. Every large ISP has already got this somehow and I have always been wondering, why Froxlor is not going down this route:


a one Click installation of any application I want would be terrific! - Forget the times, where you have been:

1. starting a customer,

2. giving him an email adress

3. giving him an ftp

4. giving him a mysql database

5. download the application you want

6. upload the application to the according path

7. connect the application with the database

8. connect customer with domain




Hours of work could be saved for each and every person involved. 

So PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE - I beg you guys, please get froxlor on the right track again or I have to move to proprietary solutions just to save time.. but this is not really the solution i want as most of my sites are managed fine by froxlor and i actually like the fact that I can handle every possible aspect with it..

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Hours of work could be saved for each and every person involved.

and that this means hours and hours of work for us doen't matter right? There's just not enough manpower to implement this correctly and in a good way

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